Women Do Something AWESOME To Honor Susan B. Anthony On Election Day (DETAILS)


The headstone of famous women’s suffrage leader Susan B. Anthony received a bit of a makeover on Election Day. The headstone is currently covered with hundreds of “I Voted” stickers, left behind by women and men who wanted to pay their respects.

The practice of leaving the stickers on Anthony’s headstone has taken place for many years; however, this election is particularly significant, as it marks the first time that a woman has been nominated to represent a major political party. The combination of voters celebrating Anthony’s legacy and celebrating Hillary Clinton’s candidacy has caused the cemetery where Anthony is buried, Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, N.Y., to make special arrangements.

The cemetery extended their election day hours in order to accommodate the number of individuals who are coming to visit.

Lovely Warren, the first woman elected to be mayor of Rochester, paid a visit to Anthony’s grave and spoke to The New York Times about her respect for Anthony, who was arrested for voting in 1872. Warren said:

‘I was elected 141 years to the day that Susan B. Anthony cast that illegal vote. To me, that means, as a woman, there are no shackles and no chains to what we can accomplish. If I could do backflips, I would be doing backflips.’

As the tweets below show, hundreds of people have already come and left their stickers on Anthony’s headstone.

Four other important suffragists — Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Carrie Chapman Catt, and Mary Garrett Hay, and Alva Vanderbilt Belmont — are also being honored on this day for the work they did to help secure women the right to vote. The staff at Woodlawn Cemetery in New York City, where these women are buried, have invited voters to place stickers on placards placed next to their headstones.

The Woodlawn Cemetery director, David Ison, spoke to The New York Times about the decision to invite voters to leave stickers. Ison said:

‘We thought, “We’re going to do something that’s not all about Trump and all about Clinton.”‘

The graves of Stanton, Catt, Hay, and Belmont have not been visited with the same frequency as Anthony’s; however, the word is spreading via social media and more voters are coming to honor these important women.

Featured image via Universal History Archive/Getty Images.