BREAKING: State Of California Moves To Secede From America After ‘Horrifying’ Election


Despite winning the popular vote, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn’t have enough electoral votes to win the presidency. As a result, the hashtag #Calexit has been trending on Twitter since Donald Trump’s election “victory” was announced in the early hours on Wednesday morning.

If you look at the electoral map results, the block on the left that encompasses California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington state forms a clear blue divide among all the red states.

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Image is a screengrab via 270towin.

Many of the Democratic voters living in that area are looking to move away from the rest of the country out of fear of Trump.

Twitter users are always using the hashtag #WestCoastNation to share their pride for the Democratic region of the country.

‘#Calexit I Like #WestCoastNation! When are we Leaving? California, Oregon & Washington say Bye Bye! Nevada U2 🙂 #Election2016’

One Twitter user wrote:

‘Well, that took about 30 minutes. #CalExit,’

One man even went on to suggest the new country encompassing California, Oregon, and Washington should be named “COW” – an acronym of all three states. He even suggests that the “COW” could become a Canadian province, if not its own country:

‘CA, OR, and WA should either be a new country known as Cow or a Canadian province (also known as Cow). #Calexit’

Others went on to suggest names such as “Chow,” to include Hawaii:

‘@tekniks or include Hawaii and call it CHOW #calexit’

Even notable celebrities like Perez Hilton have jumped on board. The celebrity blogger tweeted his support for California’s secession, saying:

‘I 100% support this!!! Californian independence!!!!! #Calexit’

Clearly eager to get the plans underway, Hilton tweeted out his support of Californian independence once again:

‘Seriously. What are the steps to make this possible??? We must secede!! #Calexit’

As for whether it’s possible, well, it’s more likely than one might assume. As Twitter user @SciWriterDave points out, it look like it may actually be feasible under the Constitution:

‘Looks like California can legally secede for some reason. Interesting. #Calexit’

As the Metro UK notes, there’s no ban saying a state can’t secede from the country. In the case of Texas v. White, the Supreme Court ruled:

‘When Texas became one of the United States, she entered into an indissoluble relation. The union between Texas and the other States was as complete, as perpetual, and as indissoluble as the union between the original States.’

Furthermore, the Supreme Court noted:

‘There was no place for reconsideration or revocation, except through revolution or through consent of the States.’

So it seems if enough Californians want it to happen, it very well could. What do you say, President Hillary Clinton, anyone?

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