BREAKING: Students Across America WALK OUT Of School And March Against Trump (VIDEO)


In a determined but peaceful protest, students from West Seattle High School staged a protest against the results of Tuesday’s election.

Approximately 200 students walked out of their high school at 10:23 am PST Wednesday morning and headed down California SW.

The students reached The Junction, where they were caught on TV helicopter cameras.

The 2106 election, which saw a win from the unlikely outsider Donald Trump, has sparked a number of protests in the 12 or so hours since his opponent, Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton, called to concede the election.

Seattle news station, KING5, reported that during the protest, the student chanted while marching through the streets:

‘Save our future!’

‘Not my president!’

Students were also holding a sign saying “Fight it,” according to the news station. Some of the students gathered to give and listen to speeches, promising to fight against what they see as a very real threat to their hopes of a better future.

One student took to the bullhorn and told the crowd:

‘Are we going to make a better world?’

To shouts of “not my president,” the student told the crowd:

‘We’re out here today because no student in America should be worried for their future. Or the future of their families. Or the future of their peers.

‘We’re here because we want a better tomorrow. And we’re going to get it.’

KING5 reporter, Chris Daniels, followed the students and posted the following video to Facebook.

A number of protests, particularly among students and young people, have broken out in response to the news that Donald Trump won the electoral college vote in what has been described as one of the most divisive, and frankly hostile election cycles in modern history.

These protests followed late Tuesday night after Trump reached the vital 270 electoral college votes to take the election, and were staged in mainly West Coast cities and schools, like Berkeley, California, Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, where Hillary Clinton took a resounding lead against the Republican nominee in what could only be called too little, too late to take the Electoral College.

KING5 News also reported protesters in Seattle’s Capitol Hill and downtown Portland late on Tuesday night.

The Los Angeles Times reported a similar protest at Berkeley High School that included around 1,500 students — half the full student body — that occurred Wednesday morning around 9 am PST.

The New York Times also weighed in by reporting on a number of protests held late Tuesday night, scattered across the West Coast.

The Trump presidency has already started off on a contentious note, with emotions running high on both sides. President-elect Trump will be facing the bitter disappointment of millions of young people who were energized by Bernie Sanders. Despite carrying a majority in the House and Senate, Trump will not find it an easy four years in the face of youthful but angry enthusiasm.

Feature image via video screenshot