Ecstatic Ex-KKK Leader Exalts President Trump With INSANE Twitter Binge (TWEETS)


OIt’s morning in Republican America, and it’s not pretty. Especially when you wake up to the deranged rants of ex-KKK leader David Duke in your Twitter feed.

In the wee hours of the morning while those of us who weren’t throwing up or slashing their wrists slept, the white supremacist and former Louisiana state rep. and Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan tweeted his triumph at Donald Trump’s victory and laid bare his racist hate for the world to see.

Ex-KKK leader David Duke’s 15 MOST INSANE Trump victory tweets.

(1) Take America back from whom?

David Duke ‏@DrDavidDuke 14h14 hours ago GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP! It's time to do the right thing, it's time to TAKE AMERICA BACK!!! #MAGA #AmericaFirst #LockHerUp #GodBlessAmerica

(2) And here’s Donald Trump standing on a tank, even though he never served in the military due to his white privilege and his “heel spurs.”

Donald J. Trump now has the chance to become one of the greatest Americans to have ever lived - we have the moral high ground, 100%! #MAGA

(3) When David Duke gleefully declares how much he loves “hearing this traitor cry” and howls “#LockHerUp” is he talking about Hillary Clinton or Rachel Maddow?

David Duke Tweet: Hearing this traitor cry -> is so amazing, YOU PEOPLE ARE DONE!!! GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP!!! #AmericaFirst #LockHerUp

(4) Who said the South would never rise again?

David Duke ‏@DrDavidDuke 11h11 hours ago Make no mistake about it - Donald J. Trump owes his victory to -> THE SOUTH! #AmericaFirst #ElectionNight #ElectionResults #PresidentTrump

(5) God bless the president-elect, his fellow accused rapist Julian Assange, AND Wikileaks, because FREEDUMBS!

GOD BLESS WIKILEAKS - Julian Assange is a hero -> America owes this man one thing -> FREEDOM!!! Thank you, sir - THANK YOU! #WIKILEAKS

(6) And screw all those Hollywood celebrities who endorsed Hillary Clinton. David Duke can’t wait for them to move to Canada . . . Alas, for the rest of us, most of us are stuck here in our soon-to-be third world country.

David Duke ‏@DrDavidDuke 11h11 hours ago All you filth in Hollywood, who promised to leave -> BYE BYE - your poison is no longer wanted here -> GET THE HELL OUT!

(7) As for Donald Trump’s surprisingly gracious, presidential, and totally-not-racist acceptance speech, this ardent white supremacist tells his Twitter followers not to worry. When he assumes office, the real Mein Trumpf will rear his ugly head . . . And even that eagle swooping overhead won’t dare attack him or snatch his toupée

David Duke ‏@DrDavidDuke 10h10 hours ago I'm getting a lot of emails and messages freaking out over Trumps acceptance speech - he did the right thing, he has no power -> YET! #MAGA

(8) Clearly, David Duke believes the demise of Hillary Clinton’s campaign was well worth losing his own long-shot race for the U.S. Senate.

David Duke ‏@DrDavidDuke 10h10 hours ago Hillary exposed who and what she truly was tonight -> a coward who couldn't even face the nation and acknowledge her loss! #LOCKHERUP! #MAGA

(9) David Duke rightly notes that Mein Trumpf is a divider, not a uniter.

David Duke tweet: Anyone telling you this was a vote for "unity" and blah blah blah -> is a liar and they know it! This was a vote for AMERICA FIRST! #MAGA

(10) Make no mistake: When David Duke and his fellow Republicans speak of “parasites,” they’re talking about blacks, Muslim immigrants, refugees, Hispanics, and unwed mothers.

David Duke ‏@DrDavidDuke 8h8 hours ago In my personal opinion - President Trump shouldn't go on ANY of these MSM networks - LET THESE PARASITES DIE! #ElectionNight #PresidentTrump

(11) And now, this vile hateful racist wants his alleged “outsider” candidate to destroy everythingHuffington Post, Salon, MSNBC, and even Fox must go . . . But the alt-right Breitbart‘s apparently just fine with him.

David Duke ‏@DrDavidDuke 1h1 hour ago We can't stop now -> it's time to make sure President Trump keeps his word and slays the dragon once and for all! #TrumpPresident #POTUS

(12) Thanks to Donald Trump and all the mean racists and deluded ex-factory workers, Hillary’s #HonkeyCaust will never happen.

David Duke ‏@DrDavidDuke 43m43 minutes ago 92% of Blacks voted Hillary -> 71% of Hispanics voted Hillary -> and only 44% of White women voted Hillary. Our women are awakening! #MAGA

(13) As for those sad Millennial voters, David Duke revels in the taste of their bitter tears as they mourn the bright future U.S. voters just threw away.

David Duke ‏@DrDavidDuke 22m22 minutes ago Look at these lemmings, they don't live in reality -> but they are about to. What a beautiful photograph... #TrumpTriumphs #LockHerUp

(14) At least David Duke didn’t call it the “Jew York Times”. . . In Republican America, we need to thank God for small favors.

David Duke ‏@DrDavidDuke 54m54 minutes ago The vast majority of Blacks, Jews and Hispanics - hate White Christian men so much -> they were willing to destroy this nation. #Trump2016

(15) Just what we need . . . More right-wing Supreme Court justices. #ThanksObama.

David Duke ‏@DrDavidDuke 20m20 minutes ago This parasite promised to resign from the Supreme Court if Trump won -> hand it over, traitor! She should seriously be investigated. #MAGA

Featured image: William Thomas Cain via Getty Images (with David Duke’s tweets).