JUST IN: Donald Trump To IMMEDIATELY Sign These Five INSANE Gun Laws (DETAILS)


President-elect Donald Trump, will most likely sign five fast gun reforms into law during his first 100 days in office. Last night he shocked the nation into a dead silence when his presidential wins tore across the country, slapping the color red everywhere. But now people are waking up to what a Trump win will mean.

With a GOP win at the top of the ticket, down-ticket races leaned hard to the right. Then, too, the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) five million members were a big part of why Trump will be the 45th president instead of Democrat Hillary Clinton. The organization dumped more money into Trump’s coffers than any super-PAC, and now it is already payback time, according to Bearing Arms.

The NRA also put money into senate races, so that the GOP retained control in Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Indiana. New Hampshire’s senate race between Republican Kelly Ayotte and Democratic Maggie Hassan still remain far too close to call at this time. The GOP still owns the House, hands down.

So how will Trump repay the NRA? Here are five quickly drawn laws the GOP-dominated government can put in place, maybe within the new administration’s first 100 days.

  1. Let Collectors Import Historical Firearms
    The president halted the importation of historically significant firearms through an executive order. President Obama’s action effectively blocked collectors’ access to allie’s’ World War II and Korean War weapons. The Collectible Firearms Protection Act would reverse re-importing large numbers of M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, and M1911 pistols.
  2. Stop Gun-Free Zones On Military Bases
    The new president can also use his executive order to allow the United States military to carry firearms while on duty. The rationale for Trump choosing to end that firearms ban is so that our domestic military bases and facilities can respond more quickly to the increasing number of mass shootings and terror attacks. Not only that, Trump could end a firearms ban on other federal property, if he wanted to do so.
  3.  Make Silencers Legal
    The existing Hearing Protection Act is all set to go. The argument for this law is to protect shooters’ hearing, particularly high-volume shooters. The act has already been written and has co-sponsors in place.
  4. Reform The NICS Background Check                                                                     Gun supporters believe that a universal background check would amount to a gun registry. Together with a GOP–heavy congress, a Republican president can create legislation to improve the existing background check system. This would hopefully ensure more accurate updates of people who should not be carrying. Gun owners seem to think that people refuse temporary mental health care, because they are afraid of losing their gun licenses.
  5. Make A Reciprocal National Concealed Carry Law                                                The NRA is heavily into a 50-state concealed carry law. A Republican government trifecta should be able to pass this into law within the first 100 days. There are already four different bills to choose from in the House and Senate.

Trump doesn’t have to move these laws in during his first 100 days, but he does like to repay loyalty. The NRA won’t let them soon forget.

Featured Image: Getty Image.

H/T: Bearing Arms.