JUST IN: Michele Bachmann Delivers DISTURBING Political Announcement, America Is SCREWED


Leading Republican ideological figure and former Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, spoke to Donald Trump’s presidential win late Tuesday night, saying that it is “proof positive of what the Lord did.”

Salt in the wound, anyone? 

Bachmann was discussing with “right wing pseudo-historian” David Barton the dramatic upward shift in the chance given to Donald Trump of winning the election shortly after the first round of polls closed and the first results poured in, giving Trump startling and completely unexpected leads in states such as Florida and North Carolina.

Bachmann and Barton had displayed behind them the trend lines from the New York Times live updating, election night projections for whether Trump or Clinton would win the presidency.

As the two noted, Clinton started out the night with around an 80 percent chance at the presidency, compared to Trump’s 20 percent chance at the presidency.

However, as the two also noted, while also making some sort of attempt at explaining, at around 8:30 PM Eastern time the chances switched, giving Clinton a meager 20 percent or so chance at becoming president while Trump shot up to an 80 percent or so chance at the presidency.

According to Bachmann, the odds shifted in Trump’s favor so dramatically because of “prayer.”

“We have a prayer room here. We had people all across the United States joining with our prayer room here in Dallas, in prayer, and look what happened. This was the moment,” Bachmann said, while gesturing to the point on the chart when the odds flipped in Trump’s favor.

Bachmann’s words symbolize the pending increased normalization in America’s presidential politics of the sort of sentiments that she represents. White Christian nationalism won the presidential election late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, and this rogue broadcast from a fading GOP star is far from the last time that such odd and disturbing sentiments will surface.

Trump is the president of the people who think like Bachmann, and brings their ideology — an ideology which ruthlessly puts down any who dare to disagree — into the Oval Office.

According to Right Wing Watch, Bachmann was participating Tuesday night in “a live election night broadcast” organized by Kenneth Copeland Ministries, called ‘America Stands: Election Coverage in the Spirit of Faith.’

Watch the video clip featuring Bachmann below.


Featured Image via Chip Somodevilla/ Getty Images.