JUST IN: Mind Blowing Trump Impeachment Announcement Dropped, Mike Pence Prepares


Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the United States, thus succeeding President Barack Obama, soundly defeating Hillary Clinton, and spinning on the head the expectations of the many millions who have spent months in active opposition to his presidential campaign.

Among the responses from Trump’s opponents, however, is the stunning suggestion that President Donald Trump faces a legitimate possibility of impeachment once he takes office.

How exactly the Trump presidency is going to unfold still remains to be seen.

Will he follow through on his most extreme promises? Will he impose a “total and complete ban” on Muslims entering the United States? Will he make an attempt at building a wall along the border between the United States and Mexico? Or will Trump falter on these extreme but key points of his campaign?

University of Utah Law Professor Christopher Lewis Peterson suggests that, in a move to prevent the possibility of Trump ever following through on these extreme policy suggestions, Trump could be impeached once he takes office.

Peterson bases his claim on Trump’s longstanding legal issues over fraud and racketeering charges which the president-elect faces over his management of “Trump University,” that fake educational institution which was exposed as little more than a sham with no basis for the money making claims forced on participants.

Trump will face trial over these charges later this month in San Diego, California.

The issue over Trump University was often cited during the stages of the presidential campaign in an effort to smear Trump as too personally corrupt to hold the office of president.

At one point the Trump University case even shot some of the now president-elect’s most disturbing anti-immigrant rhetoric to the front of the national political conversation when he claimed that the judge presiding over his case was unfairly biased against him because of the judge’s Mexican background.

The issue over Trump University also figured prominently in the now concluded race for the White House after it was revealed that Trump made an illegal “donation” to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi in the interest of seeing Bondi drop a pending case against Trump over Trump University.

That line, however, obviously didn’t work. Still, that doesn’t mean that Democrats are going to let up on the issue of Trump University in an effort to keep soon to be president Trump from being able to carry out some of his most extreme plans.

Petersen wrote:

‘Unlike his promised crimes yet to come, the illegal acts in Trump’s high pressure wealth seminars have already occurred. Indeed, a federal judge appointed under Article III of the U.S. Constitution has already determined that Trump’s alleged actions, if true, constitute fraud and racketeering.’

Of course, although the scenario of a Trump impeachment is certainly possible, that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily likely. After all, heading into the next Congress the Republican Party is set to be in control of both the House and the Senate, thus hardly setting up an environment conducive to facilitating a Trump impeachment.

Still, seeing a President Trump impeached is still a possibility, as Petersen has pointed out.

Featured Image via Spencer Platt/ Getty Images.