KKK ‘Trump Victory’ March Explodes Onto The Streets Of North Carolina, Citizens OUTRAGED (IMAGE)


According to reports, North Carolina police were alerted after citizens saw people dressed in Ku Klux Klan robes marching on a bridge following Donald Trump’s presidential win.

Twitter user @kelbi1lewis tweeted the following picture, which has since been deleted:

‘KKK on the bridge in Mebane, NC this morning.’

KKKpic KKK 'Trump Victory' March Explodes Onto The Streets Of North Carolina, Citizens OUTRAGED (IMAGE) Donald Trump Election 2016 Politics Racism Top Stories
Image is a screengrab via Twitter.

Natalie Janicello, reporter from the Burlington Times claims that the picture was taken on Election Day, not on November 9. She told Snopes:

‘Conservative group was standing on interstate overpasses yesterday in Alamance County, NC, waving Trump/American/Christian flags. Someone took a dark/grainy pic of it last night (which I saw on social media last night) & it was shared again this morning by a woman claiming it was the KKK.’

Randy Jones, Alamance County Sheriff’s Director of Public Information, told Snopes he’s seen the group on several different overpasses across the state and that they have no known affiliation with the KKK:

‘They have no affiliation with the KKK or anything else. They were just Donald Trump supporters. They are not a radical group or anything of that nature. There are no sheets, no hoods, no crosses, they didn’t have Confederate flags.’

Janicello actually wrote about the group supporting Trump ahead of the election, and tweeted the following to clarify:

‘Hey @michaelhayes, I’m a reporter here & it’s not the KKK. Wrote about it yesterday, when the pic was actually taken.’

Janicello explained the image in the original story published on Tuesday. She writes:

‘Peering over the Tucker Street overpass Tuesday, Barry Brown and roughly a dozen other Donald Trump supporters waved flags at the passing motorists below.’

According to Jones, the group of individuals have flags, but aren’t adorned in KKK garb, or anything related to the white supremacist hate group.

However, it does look rather suspicious. And it begs the question: why would this group dress in such similar apparel to the clan if they weren’t hoping to be confused with the KKK?

Sigh . . . I suppose we better get used to this kind of thing. After all, this is Donald Trump’s America now.

Feature Image is a screengrab via Twitter.