BREAKING: Donald Trump LEVELED By Post Election Russia Connection, PROOF Of Collusion Found


As many people speculated, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was contacted by Vladimir Putin during the election. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, told news agency, Interfax:

“There were contacts.”

Ryabkov did not go into detail about the content of those “contacts” or whether it came in the form of a phone call, letter, or email. All we know is that the Republican presidential nominee was being contacted by an enemy of the United States.

When asked if the communications would increase now that Trump was the president-elect, Ryabkov said:

“These working moments and follow-up on this or that matter will depend on the situation and the questions which face us. But we will of course continue this work after the elections.”

Hillary Clinton has repeatedly said that Donald Trump is a “puppet” for Vladimir Putin and Russia, and the American people have long had their suspicions about the remarks Trump made about Putin.

Trump spoke kindly of the dictator, and showed respect for the way Putin handles Russia, and Putin himself showed great interest in the president-elect.

According to Reuters:

“Ryabkov was more circumspect in his interview, saying the Russian Foreign Ministry felt no euphoria about the Republican’s win even though it wanted to normalise relations with Washington.”

“Ryabkov said Trump’s allies had made some tough statements about Russia during the campaign and that his ministry was therefore not harbouring any rose-tinted hopes.”

Interfax reported Ryabkov saying that Russia is not “expecting anything in particular from the new U.S. administration.” But what other reason would there be for an open line of communication between president-elect Trump and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin?

Do Republicans really just think these men are chatting about golf?

What you are seeing in America right now is pure insanity. Those of us with functioning brains are in complete shock over the election outcome, and how it is that a carnival barker has become the president-elect.

The once prestigious title that could only be attained by the best of the best, is now a complete joke that literally anyone could do. Thank you, president-elect Trump. You have already turned America into a trashy, tacky, butt of all jokes.