JUST IN: Trump Supporters Spray Paint Nazi Graffiti Across Philadelphia (IMAGES)


After the election was called for Donald Trump in the small hours of Wednesday morning, the Republican’s own supporters decided to wreak some havoc despite having their preferred candidate come out of the battle on top by spray painting Nazi symbols on stores, homes, and vehicles.

Philly Voice reported on Twitter that police were called out in response to pro-Nazi graffiti being painted on storefronts in South Philadelphia.

Slogans like “Sieg Heil” and “Trump” using swastikas for the “T” were found spray painted on windows of a closed store on Broad Street only hours after Trump reached the necessary 270 Electoral College votes to win the White House.

The vandalism featuring pro-Trump, pro-Nazi statements are under investigation by the police after they were discovered Wednesday on the former Meglio Furs shop.

The vandalism was reported by Cosmo Baker, a nearby resident, who saw a friend’s post on Facebook featuring the racist symbols. Baker called the police and reported it as a hate crime. Baker told Philly Voice:

‘I think the messaging was very clear. [If] it was malicious intent or stupid kids who wanted to be provocative, it still has the same effect.’

Baker also contacted the Anti-Defamation League and worked with friends and family to contact other such organizations.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney issued a statement condemning the vandalism:

‘As I said in my statement to residents today, in the wake of the election, Philadelphians must work tirelessly to bridge the divides that have plagued this nation for decades. I know that many residents are planning to take part in vigils and rallies tonight and in the days ahead, and I urge you to gather respectfully and peacefully.’

The Philadelphia Anti-Defamation League regional director, Nancy Baron-Baer, told Philly Voice that she was horrified by the anti-Semitic graffiti.

‘While we view this as an isolated incident, we cannot allow this behavior to become routine,” she said in a statement. “Everyone has a role to play in combating bigotry — we must advocate, educate and investigate until hate is no longer welcome in our society.’

More racist vandalism was found on Wednesday morning on South Sixth Street, with three vehicles and one home being spray painted with “Trump Rules” and “Trump Rules Black B*itch.”

A third incident of Nazi graffiti was discovered at Broad and Reed early on Wednesday afternoon, when officers responded to a call about a utility box spray painted with more Pro-Trump graffiti.

In a horrifically ironic note, Nov. 9 is also the anniversary of Kristallnacht — The Night of the Broken Glass — commemorating a night of terror in 1938 perpetrated by German Nazis, who burnt synagogues and vandalized the homes, schools, and business of their Jewish neighbors, murdering nearly 100 of them in the process.

Featured image via PhillyVoice Twitter