BREAKING: Trump Flips Republicans The Bird, Will NOT Repeal Obamacare (DETAILS)


President-elect Donald Trump says that he is not actually looking to completely repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, once he takes office.

This stunning announcement from the soon to be president comes after his first meeting with soon to be former President Obama in his role as president-elect, a meeting which Trump pointed to in an interview with the Wall Street Journal as instrumental in leading Trump to his announcement.

Trump said that he told Obama that he would “look at his suggestions” over what parts of the Affordable Care Act were most instrumental and thus should be kept, and that “out of respect,” the president-elect will follow through on his promise.

Trump further¬†told the WSJ that, as opposed to a complete disposal of the law, he “favors keeping the prohibition on denying coverage based on patients’ pre-existing conditions, as well as a provision that extends children’s coverage on their parents’ insurance policy.”

Trump’s announcement comes as a first step in a likely soon to be increasing tide of rollbacks on some of his most extreme campaign season promises.

Trump did — in his own words — what was required to get him elected, and now he is open to moving in a direction more conducive to the needs of the nation as a whole instead of simply catering to the voters whose support he needed to be elected.

Although he promised at one point to deport all of the well over 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States, build a wall along the entire border between the United States and Mexico, and jail Hillary Clinton should he win the presidency, the Trump camp has made moves towards the disregard of each of those promises.

As indicated by Trump’s surprise announcement about his comfort with Obamacare, the promise to repeal that law is likely to meet the same fate, and it remains to be seen how extreme a Trump presidency will thus actually turn out to be.

CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski suggests that Trump always showed these compromise willing tendencies, pointing to a time when the then presidential candidate said that he would be willing to effectively keep parts of the law — and also pointing to, yet again, that Trump simply said what would get him elected, i.e., his promise to “repeal Obamacare,” with little regard for actually following through on his supposed conservative populist promises.