Student Bullied By Trump Supporter Escorted To Class By ENTIRE School (DETAILS)


Donald Trump and many of his supporters claim his campaign wasn’t about hate, but rather about a rigged economic and political system that has left millions of Americans feeling hopeless about the future. Doubtless, there probably are many Americans who voted for Trump solely out of a sense of desperation, but that doesn’t change the fact that his victory has empowered white supremacists and hate groups across the country.

In the days since Trump’s election there have been numerous reports of violence and other discriminatory actions taken against minority groups. One such incident occurred at Baylor University where a Muslim woman, Natasha Nkhama, was reportedly shoved off the sidewalk while the man shouted racial slurs at her.

Nkhama posted a video on Twitter where she described the incident.

‘He said, ‘No n***ers allowed on the sidewalk,’” Nkhama said. “I was just shocked, like I had no words.’

Nkhama said another man saw what was happening and came to her aid forcing the man to stop:

‘Dude what are you doing? That’s not cool.’
According to Nkhama, the guy then said, ‘Dude, like what…I’m just trying to make America great again.’

‘So if you voted for Donald Trump, I hope you understand what that means from someone else’s point of view,’ Nkhama said in the video.

In response to the video, hundreds of students turned out in support of Nkhama.

‘This crowd at @Baylor is crazy large for

As discouraging and as disgusting as this incident was, the student body’s response gives us reason to hope. Hundreds of students turned out in solidarity making it clear that they reject Trump’s message of hate and division.

Trump’s victory might have emboldened bigots, but it’s important to keep in mind that the only reason Trump is president-elect is due to an archaic 18th-century invention known as the Electoral College. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. The majority of Americans, like the Baylor’s student body, rejected hatred and bigotry.

During the campaign, President Obama frequently said that decency was on the ballot and, despite what the electoral college says, the majority of Americans voted for decency, for diversity and the values that truly make America great.

Featured image via Twitter.