Thousands Of Americans Are Wearing Safety Pins, The Reason Is Scary Yet Inspiring (DETAILS)


Safety pins are suddenly appearing everywhere, worn visibly on the clothing of people all over the country. The story behind those pins is an important and meaningful one.

Just like the 2016 presidential election, Europe has had their own political disaster recently. The Brexit vote, a response by white Europeans with fierce objections to the resettled black and brown immigrants and refugees who have been forced to leave their own countries because of the horrifying violence there, has been both controversial and harmful to Europeans and those feeling the backlash of that hate.

As The New York Times explained:

‘Pro-Brexit advocates have framed leaving the European Union as necessary to protect, or perhaps restore, the country’s identity: its culture, independence and place in the world. This argument is often expressed by opposition to immigration.’

If this sounds familiar to you, it should. Just as Donald Trump’s supporters insist that black and brown folks are the cause of all our country’s ills, just as the alt-right movement insists that its purpose is cultural preservation, just as Trump himself insists that the purpose behind his racist ideology is simply to “make America great again,” so have Europeans waded into the waters of white supremacy. Only the protection of white lives and white culture mattered to those who voted to leave the European Union, but it is the lives of black and brown folks that were threatened by that vote.

In a similar show of solidarity with immigrants, LGBTQ folks, women, and all people of color, the safety pin is being worn to show people who feel unsafe in their country, their communities, and even in their own homes, that the person wearing the pin is an ally.

For more information on the Safety Pin Movement, see video below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube