Donald Trump AGAIN Launches Into Early Morning Twitter Rant, Unhinged & Unpresidential (TWEET)


Despite a relatively quiet Twitter feed leading up the Tuesday’s election (someone in his campaign had banned him from posting), Donald Trump is back online making petty remarks about media coverage.

On Sunday morning, The New York Times was his latest target. Donald Trump has insulted the Times for negative coverage before, but the Times really hasn’t reported anything to deserve such a response. Not that the Times, or any other media outlet, should curb their criticism of anyone in public office.

The lead story on the president-elect from the Times on Sunday is a relatively benign piece about those Trump will be hiring to move him into his new role and how the various staffers that surround him have varying opinions and approaches.

But benign hasn’t stopped Donald Trump before. He’s been known to have a hair-trigger temper and a pretty thin skin when it comes to media pointing out faults in the Republican’s stances, or contradictions in his plans.

‘Wow, the @nytimes is losing thousands of subscribers because of their very poor and highly inaccurate coverage of the “Trump phenomena”‘

‘The @nytimes sent a letter to their subscribers apologizing for their BAD coverage of me. I wonder if it will change – doubt it?’

The second tweet references a letter to readers from Arthur Sulzberger Jr., publisher of the Times and Dean Baquet, its executive editor, wherein the established paper re-dedicates itself to providing an “eyes wide open” report of current events in the face of Trump’s surprising win on Tuesday, stating:

‘That is to report America and the world honestly, without fear or favor, striving always to understand and reflect all political perspectives and life experiences in the stories that we bring to you.’

Apparently, however, the president-elect needs to get it all out of his system before he becomes president-in-fact. Or perhaps Donald Trump objects to the idea of “honest” reporting, without fear or favor. In an interview with 60 Minutes that is scheduled to air Sunday evening, Trump told Lesley Stahl that he was going to be “restrained” on social media after he has been inaugurated.

‘I’m going to do very restrained, if I use it at all, I’m going to be very restrained.

‘It’s a modern form of communication. There should be nothing we should be ashamed of. It’s where it’s at.’

Trump told Stahl that Twitter is his way of “fighting back,” whatever that could possibly mean to a privileged white male billionaire in this country. One could also as well define it as Trump’s way of lashing out against criticism without actually addressing his faults.

Unfortunately, it also shows how vulnerable he to the slightest critique and how frequently he changes positions. After protests broke out following the election results, Trump complained about “professional protesters” only to turn around a few hours later and compliment them for their “passion for our great country.”

Concerns about Trump’s complete lack of filters and self control are not going away. Whatever political philosophy one embraces, it has to be admitted that Bravo network host Andy Cohen, of all people, put it perfectly:

‘Stop tweeting and complaining and focus on figuring out how to lead this country.’

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