Jewish Actress Targeted By Trump Supporters, Threatened With ‘Gas Chambers’ (IMAGES)


Jewish American actress Emmy Rossum is one of the latest victims in the wave of Trump fueled hate crimes and harassment of minority communities to hit the United States after the controversial businessman’s shocking election to the presidency last week, an election viewed by many as enabling of the most pervertedly racist elements of American society.

The actress, who is a part of the popular Netflix series “Shameless,” received a series of disturbing, pro-Trump messages via her Twitter account throughout this past weekend which explicitly hearkened back to the persecution of fellow members of Rossum’s faith in Nazi Germany, a political administration idolized by many white supremacists for its commitment to the imaginary concept of “racial purity.”

Rossum wrote early Sunday on her Twitter page that “Trump supporters are sending me messages threatening to send me [and] my ‘ilk’ to the gas chambers [and] writing hashtags like ‘#sieg hiel.’ NOT OK.”

Rossum also wrote, shortly after her first tweet, that “[t]elling anyone to ‘get ready for the trains’ in reference to WWII is disgusting and offensive. Reporting you to Twitter is not enough. Back off.”

Rossum reposted later on Sunday an example of the virulent internet hate she has been being subjected to, showcasing a tweet tagging the actress featuring an image of the Auschwitz death camp altered to feature “Trump” in huge gold letters on each side of the camp’s gates.

As she wrote, “No matter WHO you voted for, I don’t care, THIS is not okay.”

Neither Trump inspired hate crimes nor the pro-Nazi element in these hate crimes is unique to Rossum’s situation.

Multiple locales across the United States have fallen victim to pro-Nazi graffiti in the days since Donald Trump won the presidency, featuring, for example, swastikas and messages proclaiming a supposed return to white racial purity on the part of American citizens.

Trump, for his part, although his campaign season rhetoric is used by these bigots as an excuse for their behavior, actually condemned the harassment of minorities by his supporters in a Sunday interview with 60 Minutes, one of the first interviews conducted by the president-elect since his startling win over Hillary Clinton.

His condemnation, however, is a far cry from the effectively impossible task of erasing the impact of months upon months of the kind of rhetoric Trump became so fond of during the campaign season, a rhetoric targeting various minorities on different occasions as at the root of America’s problems.

Featured Image via Michael Tran/ FilmMagic