JUST IN: Two Presidential Electors SUDDENLY Dump Trump, Demand Others Follow (DETAILS)


Two Democratic Electors have decided to make an unprecedented attempt at something they know is far fetched, but are working to make it succeed anyway . They are opting to essentially “dump Trump” before he can take the office of president in January.

Washington state elector Bret Chiafalo and Colorado elector Michael Baca have launched what they call “Moral Electors” in an attempt to persuade their colleagues to dump Trump along with them before he can officially take office. The lucky number of fellow elector’s support needed to block Trump from gaining the presidency is 37. If they were to succeed in their efforts, it would bypass Trump’s election and the final decision would be made in the House of Representatives. They already have the support of one other elector, Washington State’s Robert Satiacum.

Although they know the idea is far fetched, they are still going forward with it. Chiafalo stated in a phone interview with POLITICO:

‘This is a long shot. It’s a Hail Mary. However, I do see situations where- when we’ve already had two or three Republican electors state publicly they didn’t want to vote for Trump. How many of them have real issues with Trump in private?’

Despite the fact these two electors are seeking to keep Donald Trump from presidency, they’ve made it clear that they are NOT in favor of electing Hillary Clinton either. Both have said they weren’t planning on voting for her on December 19 when the electoral college members officially cast their ballots. They’ve instead decided it would be best to persuade other members to write in John Kasich or Mitt Romney. Either would be a better decision than Trump in the eyes of the electors.

Although the idea is a great one, it is considered being what is called a “faithless elector” if they were to go against their own state’s majority vote. It’s something that has rarely ever happened in American history, and the effort has never swung an election’s final outcome. Chiafalo and Baca are both hopeful that Trump’s brash image could potentially get more electors on their side and could possibly bring change, though they are somewhat doubtful it will actually happen.

Colorado elector Baca said that, although he feels his efforts will fail, he believes they will cause enough of an uproar and conversation will be brought up about abolishing the Electoral College altogether. He also told POLITICO that even though he considers this idea a pipe dream, he does have some hope.

‘It was a pipe dream that The Cubs were going to win the World Series. Pipe dreams do come true.’

If America is lucky enough, we’ll be able to have two pipe dreams come true this year, and Donald Trump will be stopped before he can even get started. No one thought Trump had a chance at actually winning and he did, so maybe this can happen too.

Featured Image: Getty Images