‘We Kill Ni**ers!’: Black Resident Faces Death Threats From Celebrating Trump Supporters (DETAILS)


The latest location to be affected by the enabling afforded to the most sickening racists in the United States after Donald Trump’s surprise election to the presidency is the small town of Natick, Massachusetts.

An unnamed male resident of the town received a series of death threats via two letters which the man found at his home on Thursday and Friday, respectively.

The first letter was handwritten and contained a series of profanities and racial slurs admonishing the letter’s recipient to “not bring n*ggers” into “our neighborhood.”

Why not? The letter’s answer was simple: “We kill them.”

The second letter was a bit more formal and thought out, typed and printed instead of handwritten and dropping the continuous capital letters of the first one.

The second letter read, in part, with the errors grammatical and spelling errors preserved:

‘This is a serious warning. Natick has a zero tolerance for black people. All the neighborhood is complaining about the in and out of these people these days. We tolerated the latinos now you are going total black. This trash belong to Dorchester. We have reclaimed our country back by selecting Trump and you are messing up everything. Our kids and our pets are scared to death.’

Images of the letters are featured in a tweet below.

An investigation is ongoing into the incident as a “possible hate crime” and authorities have reportedly not yet made any progress towards identifying the individual or individuals responsible for the letters.

Local police chief James G. Hicks told local media:

‘[T]his kind of behavior is not indicative of the values of the Town of Natick and will not be tolerated in our community. The department is taking this case very seriously and we will investigate to our fullest capabilities to ensure the safety and security of our residents.’

This incident in Massachusetts is far from one of a kind, with literally dozens upon dozens of apparently Trump-inspired hate crimes sweeping the nation since the controversial businessman’s shocking election to the presidency last week. These hate crimes have left many physically injured and have victimized Muslims, African Americans, gays, and Latinos.

Featured Image via Mark Makela/ Getty Images