BREAKING: GOP Majority Leader Says NO WAY, To Trump’s Big Campaign Promise, War Begins


President-elect Donald Trump’s administration is slowly morphing into something slightly more palatable to the American public before it even officially kicks off next January.

Simultaneous with this “morphing” is Trump effectively leaving behind most of his campaign promises at the hand of the rest of America, a rest of America which is far from interested in letting Trump get on with the plans which he trumpeted throughout the campaign season.

The latest interest to come out in opposition to Trump is none other than one of the figures who represents what is likely the most potent way to stop Trump in his tracks- House Majority leader US Representative Kevin McCarthy, who hails from California.

Obviously, if Congressional leaders such as McCarthy are not on board with soon-to-be-president Trump’s plans, then there isn’t exactly much that the president can do. With many leading Congressional Republicans, such as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, allied ideologically with McCarthy, the prospects for Trump’s ability to implement his key campaign promises is slim at best.

McCarthy spoke on Monday to reporters about his take on some of Trump’s most extreme campaign season promises. First was the promise to build a wall along the entire border between the United States and Mexico and make the latter nation pay for it and, secondly, the promise to deport millions upon millions of undocumented immigrants, a promise which the controversial businessman turned political leader reiterated in a Sunday interview with 60 Minutes.

According to the Huffington Post, McCarthy is far from interested in pretending to go along with Trump’s outrageous – at best – plans.

As for the border wall, McCarthy initially deflected a question as to its actual feasibility, instead saying, “If you talk about the security of the border, I think that’s a common place where Republicans and Democrats can all get to.”

When pressed, McCarthy said that the “wall” will not actually materialize as a brick and mortar structure; instead, the border will be at least partially secured by undisclosed “technology,” a term which likely refers, at least in part, to the drones which are already used by the Obama administration.

McCarthy also blasted the president-elect’s hyped-up plan to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, persons which the president-elect effectively claims are potential rapists and drug dealers.

The most recent number given by Trump for this group looking at deportation under his administration is 2 to 3 million; Trump said in the already mentioned Sunday evening 60 Minutes interview that he would immediately deport the supposed 2 to 3 million undocumented immigrants with a criminal record once he takes office.

McCarthy, however, notes that such a claim isn’t exactly that special. As he noted, speaking of the president-elect’s plan to deport undocumented immigrants who have a criminal record: “That’s not new law. That is just one law that is in the books, but it hasn’t been in effect.”

Finally, on the subject of repealing Obamacare, something which the president-elect promised during the campaign season but went back on soon after he won the presidency, McCarthy was straightforward, saying that “I think we need to clarify with what he meant.”

Thus, yet another figure has positioned himself in Trump’s way before the president-elect even officially takes office.

Featured Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images