Donald Trump Just Responded To ‘Officially’ Losing The Popular Vote, It Was PATHETIC (DETAILS)


For some reason, Donald Trump thinks he could have won the popular vote by campaigning in New York and California, but it may just be sour grapes on his part, and the statistics don’t support his delusion.

Donald Trump’s advisers and staff are still allowing him to vent his spleen on Twitter, despite the reality TV star’s new position as president-elect. The Republican has been known to viciously attack and insult detractors on Twitter, whether they are private individuals such as the Gold Star Kahn family or multi-million dollar news organizations like The New York Times.

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have a problem wasting him time on Twitter, posting whatever comes into his head. On Tuesday, however, the president-elect decided to school his followers on how clever his campaign strategy was. Unfortunately, it really just comes across as sour grapes for not winning the popular vote.

‘If the election were based on total popular vote I would have campaigned in N.Y. Florida and California and won even bigger and more easily’

The president-elect is no stranger to sour grapes. Apparently, Trump once believed that the popular vote should carry the election. In 2012, Trump called the electoral college “phoney,” [sic] and suggested it was worthy of a march on Washington.

In fact, in 2012, President Barack Obama won both the popular vote and the Electoral College. According to Politico, the incumbent Democrat handily beat Republican challenger Mitt Romney by nearly 3.5 million in popular votes and by 125 electoral votes, making the 2012 presidential election an obvious win for Obama. At the time, Donald Trump had only just registered as a Republican the year prior, in 2011, and was probably feeling a bit betrayed that he had backed the losing team.

However, now that the “phoney” Electoral College has swung in his favor, the thinks it’s “genius.”

Donald Trump may believe that campaigning harder in states like New York and California would have won him the hearts and minds of liberal Americans and given him the popular vote. The truth, though, is that the moment he threw his hat into the presidential ring by insulting Mexican immigrants, all three of those states became problematic. All three states boast a healthy and thriving immigrant population, and he did, in fact, campaign quite a bit in Florida and take the state in the general election. However, even Florida was a struggle for Trump in the end, and the vote went down to the 11th hour, with Trump only taking the state by 1.3 percent.

It takes an egotist to get petty about losing the popular vote after such a surprise win with the electoral vote. Politico currently shows that Hillary Clinton beat the new president-elect with only a little over 670,000 votes.

However, Hillary Clinton beat Trump in California by well over 2.5 million votes, and by over 1.5 million votes in New York. Once again, Donald Trump is a legend in his own mind if he believes he could have turned New York and California by 4 million votes by campaigning on a platform of anti-immigration and isolationism. Both states are coastal hubs that depend on international trade and immigrant talent for their prosperity, as well as diversity for their culture, which in both areas are a part of a thriving economy and major draws for corporate investment.

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