Florida Teacher To Black Students: I Will ‘Call Donald Trump’ To Get You ‘Sent Back to Africa’ (DETAILS)


A teacher at Wesley Chapel High School was put on administrative leave after allegedly threatening a group of black students that he would call Donald Trump and have them “sent back to Africa” the day after the candidate was elected president.

John Sousa, who is a teacher and golf coach, allegedly asked a group of girls who were passing in the hallway between classes what they were doing. Parent Donnie Jones, Jr. wrote to Facebook furious about what was said to his daughter and her friends. His daughter said the teacher told them:

‘Don’t make me call Donald Trump to get you sent back to Africa.’

Jones, a Navy veteran who served as a paratrooper, wrote that he “saw red,” and was nearly brought to tears after finding out that his daughter had to experience such hatefulness, especially coming from someone who is appointed to teach children.

‘Politics are politics but once you say something to my child then it’s f***** on. People ask what blacks, Muslims, gays and others that are different have to fear. This is what we f***** fear. I’m not worried about Donald. I’m worried about the dumb f**** that feel like they can say and do whatever they want now because of him.’

By Monday, Jones’ original Facebook post went viral receiving over 4,000 reactions and had more than 5,000 shares.

After receiving numerous Facebook messages and calls about the incident, School district officials of Pasco County quickly took action by placing Sousa on administrative leave and assigning an employee relations investigator to research the claims.

District spokeswoman, Linda Cobbe, released a statement to Tampa Bay Times saying:

‘We take this type of alleged behavior very seriously and we will not tolerate it. We are following our investigative procedures and will take appropriate action.’


In a later Facebook post, Jones wrote that he contacted Sousa and spoke to him about the comments made to his daughter and her friends. The teacher admitted to saying it, calling it an “off the wall” comment and allegedly said that it wasn’t meant to be racist. He said it was directed to everyone who was in the hallway, but Jones’ daughter said the teacher pointed directly to her and her friends.

The comment made by this teacher, who is white, is just one of the many incidents reported around the country within in a week of Donald Trump being elected the next president of the U.S. Unfortunately, this is just week one of Trump Nation. This is only the beginning.

Check out the video below, courtesy of YouTube:

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