Jon Stewart Returned To T.V & Dropped VERY Important Post Election Announcement (VIDEO)


Back in the day, Jon Stewart was the host of one of the greatest news shows on television: The Daily Show. He had several political correspondents who helped him make the show what it was, and since he stepped down in 2015, they have gone on to bigger and better things of their own.

Since Jon Stewart stepped down, he’s stepped out of the spotlight somewhat. One of the well known political commentators on The Daily Show, Miss Samantha Bee, has since become the host of her own show on cable network TBS. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee has had a lot of success since her separation from The Daily Show, and she hasn’t forgotten about her former boss since she’s left.

Although Jon Stewart stepped down from his position as host and hasn’t been around much in the past year for the one of the most historic presidential campaigns in American history, he’s still making his presence known in the political world. On Full Frontal, Stewart made a quick comeback in a guest appearance at the end of her final show before Thanksgiving.

At the ending segment, Bee spoke about all the craziness of the election and all the blame going around after the results shocked the nation. She joked about the Bernie supporters blaming the DNC, Hillary supporters blaming Bernie supporters and so on and so forth. Then she showed a picture of Jon Stewart, saying he was the real one to blame. After the laughter stopped, she ended with sarcastic Thanksgiving well wishes to her audience:

‘Thanksgiving is coming up and I wanna wish everyone peace and comfort, whether your holiday involves drinking enough to cope with your dad’s joy, or hastily marrying whichever of your friends seems more likely to get deported, or, just binge-watching 93 hours of “West Wing,”‘

She then finished her sign-off by telling everyone, “I hope you spend it in your happy place like this guy.” There was then a cut to a clip of Jon Stewart sitting on stairs, coloring a picture of a turkey, singing “It’s over, I’m coloring a turkey and it’s over,” He looked a bit crazy in the skit. He even talks to himself at the end of the clip, saying “I’ve really become an odd person!” and then he happily continues to color on the steps.

It looks like the outcome of the election may have taken it’s toll on poor Jon, but rest assured, he’ll be fine after this all settles down…hopefully.

Enjoy a quick glimpse at Jon Stewart’s “Happy Place” here:

Featured Image: Getty Images