Thanks Obama! Approval Ratings SURGE To All-Time High Post Election, He Will Be Missed


In the first week of November, just prior to Election Day, President Obama’s approval ratings were near a four-year-high for the outgoing commander-in-chief at 53 percent. In the most recent Gallup poll immediately preceding Election Day, results showed the current POTUS had matched the highest approval rating of his second term at 57 percent.

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Although President Obama has so far never again reached his post-election high in 2009 of 67 percent, his numbers are high for an outgoing president. President George W. Bush left office with a 25 percent approval rating, Bill Clinton’s was equal at 57 percent, and George H.W. Bush at 34 percent. The last president to match Obama’s outgoing approval ratings was Ronald Reagan at 57 percent.

The approval is well earned. President Obama officially became the president with the most steady job growth in September, with more consecutive months of growth than any president in history. More than nine million jobs have been created, the number of long-term unemployed dropped by more than 600,000, 15 million more Americans have health insurance, and real weekly earnings have increased by 3.4 percent. The country is definitely better off after eight years of President Obama.

President Obama’s policies haven’t always been popular and disillusion among Democrats and liberals created insurmountable barriers to the election of a Democrat for president in 2016, but his campaign promises have, in many areas, been kept.

As Politico writer Michael Grunwald stated:

‘It’s true that Obama failed to create the post-partisan political change he originally promised during his yes-we-can pursuit of the White House. Washington remains as HYPER-PARTISAN and broken as ever. But he also promised dramatic policy change, vowing to reinvent America’s approach to issues like HEALTHCARE, education, energy, climate and finance, and that promise he has kept.’

Obama’s legacy will include the Affordable Care Act, student loan debt reform, the legalization of same-sex marriage, the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, an end to the war in Iraq as well as the capture and death of Osama bin Laden, and his rescue of the auto industry.

His approval numbers should be high.

For a look back at the presidency of Barack Obama, see video below:

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