John McCain Flips GOP Leadership His Middle Finger & Issues SCARY Warning To America (DETAILS)


Senator John McCain is the black-sheep of the divided Republican party today, after issuing this warning about the dangers of the president-elect uniting with Russia. The Arizona Senator is one of the most qualified people to speak on foreign policy, so it may be wise to hear him out.

McCain has great worries in regards to the president-elect’s ties to Vladimir Putin, especially after Putin’s advisor came forward and admitted that there were communications between the Russian dictator and the president-elect during the campaigning process.

CNN reported that:

“McCain said President Barack Obama’s attempts to cool tensions between the US and Russia had enabled the nation to exert more power in Syria and provide key support to embattled Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.”

Many have wondered about Obama’s reasons for getting involved in the Syrian conflict, but John McCain says that helping Bashar al-Assad is not the best of ideas for this reason:

“At the very least, the price of another ‘reset’ would be complicity in Putin and Assad’s butchery of the Syrian people. That is an unacceptable price for a great nation. When America has been at its greatest, it is when we have stood on the side those fighting tyranny. That is where we must stand again.”

McCain, who has called Putin a “former KGB agent who has plunged his country into tyranny, murdered his political opponents, invaded his neighbors, threatened America’s allies, and attempted to undermine America’s elections,” believes that America is on the wrong side of the Syrian conflict.

This position will leave the new president-elect with many impending decisions about the fate of Syria, and it’s pretty safe to assume that if Putin makes a strong case, Trump may go along with something that will greatly impact the already war-torn nation.

CNN reported that the Kremlin said this about the conversation between Trump and Putin:

“The two men [Trump and putin] also spoke about working to normalize relations between the two countries and emphasized the importance of creating a foundation of bilateral ties through trade.”

They continued:

“Joint efforts in the fight against common enemy No. 1.”

The president-elect doesn’t seem to understand the dangers of getting friendly with a ruthless foreign dictator who is a longtime enemy of our country. This could spell disaster, and very soon.

Putin is, quite obviously, banking on the ignorance of America’s newly elected leader, and we may all end up paying a very steep cost for this revolution that America’s dimwitted seems to be in the middle of.