Rachel Maddow Drops MAJOR Trump Administration REVENGE Scandal, Team Goes Silent


Rachel Maddow detonated a lurid behind-the-scenes story behind the murky Donald Trump transition team. It has the best of the dark side of New Jersey politics. There are sex, lies, and video tape. The story is about a seamy love affair, betrayal, and at long last – vengeance.

There is more, far more in this story, which is like a live mystery novel. Just one week before the governor’s bombshell, police arrested one of McGreevey’s biggest donors on the charges of trying to silence a witness who was involved in an investigation of potential illegal campaign contributions.

Investigators filed a criminal complaint against a Charles Kushner, a New Jersey businessman with contacts to highly placed political and religious figures. The charges said he hired prostitutes to get both his accountant and his brother-in-law, into “sexually comprising situations,” according to The New York Times.

The brother-in-law fell for it. The courts charged Kushner with video taping his own brother-in-law with a high-priced New York call girl.

The prosecutors came down hard on Charles Kushner, going well beyond evidence and deep into public humiliation. Eventually, the court convicted Charles Kushner for illegal campaign contributions, witness tampering, and tax evasion.

The prosecutors demanded hard time in prison. Who was that prosecutor? Trump’s transition team leader and former presidential candidate Chris Christie is the man who badly humiliated Kushner. Then the story takes another stunning turn.

Several years later after Charles Kushner went to jail, his son married the daughter of a billionaire real estate developer. Her name is Ivanka, and her father is none other than Donald Trump, president-elect.

Kushner’s son Jared Kushner gained the trust of the future leader of the free world and currently heads up Trump’s transition team. Chris Christie had that job, before the major downgrading and purge.

Jared Kushner not only demoted Christie, he scoured out anyone remotely connected to the former prosecutor. It seems revenge may be sweeter when nursed over years.

Check out this video of Maddow telling this mind-bending story of sex, lies, and video tape:

H/T: MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show and The New York Times.