Dan Rather Writes Instantly Viral Facebook Post About The Danger Of A Trump Presidency (MESSAGE)


Donald Trump was elected the next president of the United States less than two weeks ago and has already done a number of sketchy things. Not only did he invite several racists to be on his administration, but he has also broken protocol by dumping his press pool that is responsible for documenting his whereabouts.

A Trump presidency is not looking good for America, and one person who’s not afraid to say it is former CBS Evening News anchor, Dan Rather.

Calling the president-elect’s decision to dodge his press pool to have dinner at a steakhouse “worrisome,” Rather stressed in a Facebook post that the press “is in place for a very good reason . . . in case something ‘significant’ happens.” Even Hope Hicks, Trump’s spokeswoman, had no idea where or what he was doing.

Rather’s Facebook post read in full:

‘I know that the media has been under lots of criticism lately (fair and unfair), but I can’t stress enough the importance of the “press.” I know you’ve heard me talk about this before, but it’s worth repeating that the President-Elect needs to keep the press pool in the loop. This is certainly a learning experience for Donald Trump, but the press pool is in place for a very good reason. They travel with the President everywhere just in case something “significant” happens. Basically the press needs to know where the President is at all times. Period.’

‘In an action that is raising alarm bells, once again, last night President-elect Trump gave the press the slip and went to dinner. In this case Trump’s own press secretary claims she didn’t even know Trump was leaving his residence. She actually told the press he was in for the night. That wasn’t the case though. He actually dined at the “21 Club” in NYC and the press pool only found out after someone in the restaurant (a Bloomberg reporter who happened to be at the restaurant) tweeted out a photo. I truly hope that this is NOT going to be a part of a bigger pattern (or problem) during the Trump presidency. Every President in recent memory has traveled with the press pool. It is there for a reason. Donald Trump is no longer a private citizen. His actions and whereabouts effect all of us. If news breaks around him or involving him, it is the public’s right to know about it. That is the nature of democracy.’

‘There are certain norms about the press and the presidency that are there for a reason. And the early signs from Donald Trump are worrisome.’

Hopefully Americans will wake up and realize that Rather’s message is absolutely correct and needs to be taken seriously. This is just a grain of sand compared to the desert of scandalous things Trump has done, or will do in the future, and needs to be watched very carefully.

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