Irish Politician FLIPS OUT During Public Speech: ‘America Just Elected A Fascist!’ (VIDEO)

Screenshot Via YouTube

Even politicians abroad are disgusted and outraged by the election of Donald Trump as America’s next Commander-in-Chief. Irish Senator Aodhán Ó Riordáin just gave a passionate speech while opening the upper house of the Irish legislature, and the tongue-lashing immediately went viral.

While responding to the odd congratulations received from some Irish politicians, Riordáin, said that “the only way evil can prosper is for good men to do nothing.” He then expressed the same fears that Americans have right now, just knowing that a reality television star has the codes to America’s nuclear weapons.

Riordáin said:

America has just elected a fascist, and the best thing that good people in our government can do is to ring them up and ask him if it’s okay to still bring the shamrock on St. Patrick’s?

He continued:

“..And I don’t use the word fascist lightly. What else would you call somebody who threatens to imprison his political opponents? What else would you call somebody who threatens to not allow people of a certain religious faith into their country? What would you say or how would you describe somebody who was trying to deport 10 million people, or say about somebody who says that the media is rigged, judiciary is rigged, the political system is rigged, and then he wins an election.”

Watch this angry Irish senator lash out at his fellow countrymen for their support of dictator Trump in the video below, courtesy of YouTube: