JUST IN: Keith Olbermann Makes Post Election Announcement, Trump Put On Notice (VIDEO)


Keith Olbermann is charging forward to lead the fight against fascism, or as he puts it, the revolution against “president-elect p*ssy-grabber.” Olbermann is nothing if not outspoken about the wrong he believes should be righted, and “evil doer” Donald Trump is a humongous wrong. So what is Olbermann going to do?

Olbermann was a sports journalist for 20 years before turning to political news. He had a political talk show on MSNBC before moving on to host GQ’s political web show “The Closer With Keith Olbermann.”

The journalist and author infuses his comments with a dry wit, as in this web show Twitter:

‘Do we get a ceremony? Like pulling down the statue of Saddam?’

GQ calls him “one of the most provocative voices in American politics.” Olbermann is a special correspondent in his “series of political commentary and special interviews that’s unlike anything else on the internet or on television.”

Olbermann may be unlike anyone else, period. He believes the way to deal with the Trumping of America is through a resistance. So how do a country’s citizens resist the Trump takeover?:

‘How to Resist? Start by recognizing we’ve already given this idiot Trump a chance and he blew it.’

But Donald Trump has already “wasted” the chance that his supporters have asked his opponents to grant him, according to Keith Olbermann.

‘It was Harry Truman, , who liked to say “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” ,’

President-elect Trump only sleeps two to four hours a night. So what does he do in the wee hours while the rest of the country is sleeping? He watches television, dreams up conspiracy theories, and revs up his Twitter account.

Recently, the orange leader came down on The New York Times, saying it has “dishonest” coverage. The attacks on the media disturb Olbermann:

‘Sixty-eight days until his inauguration, still bitching about his paranoid fantasies about the media, still lying about what he said during the campaign, still referring to himself in the third person, still obsessing over one newspaper, as if he were 15 and it refused to go with him to the junior prom. Give him a chance? What, in the hope that he will someday grow up enough to be able to see over the top of the Oval Office desk?’

Clearly, Olbermann feels that the president-elect is just a reality star gone big and bad:

‘We do not have time for the White House edition of “Celebrity Apprentice” starring President-elect P*ssy-grabber.’

The journalist says Trump should not get a chance, because to do so is to “pretend that he’s a normal man who won a normal election.” Olbermann mentioned the FBI and Russian interference in the presidential election:

‘All we are saying is, give fascism a chance. Who knows, it might not be as bad as we think. It might not be a bottomless pit.’

Olbermann encourages people to resist, because Trump won the Electoral College but may have lost the popular vote by “a historic margin.” So, if the Democratic leaders are too cowed to take up the resistance charge, Olbermann volunteers:

‘I do not want violence, I’m not proposing the overthrow of the government by any means other than legal and political. I think protests should be limited to Washington, Trump Tower and the Trump hotels. I have no pie-in-the-sky plan to have the Electoral College alter the outcome somehow, I will even acquiesce to a President Pence — just get this man out of here.’

In that wonderful way Olbermann has of wrapping words around an idea, he said:

‘So, this would be our Democracy’s “Going Out Of Business Sale” moment.’

Check out this video of Keith Olbermann on Donald Trump:

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