JUST IN: Electoral College Members Announce ‘Hamilton Defection’, Will REFUSE To Elect Trump


The world just rocked a bit when two Electoral College members refused to vote for Donald Trump – even though their states went for the billionaire. On Fox News’ new show Tucker Carlson Tonight the show’s host interviewed them about the movement they started called “Hamilton Electors.” But can they really do that? Could Hillary Clinton really win this way?

On December 19th the whole Electoral College will come together to officially select the next president of the U.S. With the Hamilton Electors, these two are not only breaking with tradition themselves, they are also lobbying other members to abandon ship and vote against Trump, too. If they can convert 37 members, the decision will go to the House of Representatives.

The two named their movement after founding father Alexander Hamilton who said the Electoral College exists to prevent someone unqualified from becoming president. It doesn’t hurt that a Broadway musical hit “Hamilton” is about the same man.

Tucker Carlson asked them:

‘What happens when the Electoral College officially votes for President? That happens December 19th, and that’s the day on which the deal is sealed. And yet, some Electors believe it is possible to hand the Presidency to someone other than Donald Trump. Could this actually happen? Should it happen?’

Washington state elector Bret Chiafalo responded:

‘As the Constitution was set up by our Founding Fathers, they designed this system where the population of the United States votes for Electors and the Electors vote for the President. The Founding Fathers, including Alexander Hamilton, really saw it as the last line of defense against an unfit President.’

Then Colorado elector Michael Baca spoke about why he is involved:

‘The next President needs to have the values that represent Americans. I’m a former United States Marine. Honor, courage, and commitment are absolutely ingrained into the fiber of my being, and I do not believe that Donald Trump has those values. The Founding Fathers made this as the last line of defense, and I think we must do all that we can to ensure that we have another Republican candidate that has better values for Americans.’

Carlson pointed out that the Founding Fathers didn’t talk about Trump specifically. Chiafalo agreed, but then planted this bomb:

‘No, he’s not, but the Founding Fathers spoke very clearly, especially Alexander Hamilton in Federalist 68, about someone getting into office who is unfit for the position. So they left that up to a small number of people who could look into the issue and decide. They specifically left it up to those people, 538 at this point, and that was their plan all along. So all we’re trying to do is honor what the Founding Fathers gave us.’

Then Carlson wondered why the two were trying to enroll their counterparts. The Marine pointed out Trump’s first hire is a known antisemitic white nationalist:

‘Well, look at the people [Trump] is surrounding himself with, like Steve Bannon who I think is absolutely deplorable. The people that he’s already surrounding himself with are not good. They do not reflect the values that Americans hold. Are you okay with a leader of the alt-right movement [in the White House]? A third of the people he’s already appointed reflect the values of white nationalists, and I do not believe that reflects the values of Americans.’

Conservative host Tucker Carlson went on the attack, saying they didn’t have a constitutional right to do this. But Baca disagreed:

‘We have under Article II in the Constitution and the 12th Amendment, we have the right to choose. We must be able to come together around a consensus candidate, a Hamilton Republican. There are many fine conservatives out there… so I’m excited to see what Republicans are going to do.’

Chiafalo further explained their cause:

‘I certainly recognize what the Founding Fathers put into place – a release valve, a break glass in case of emergency firebox – for a situation like this. We want a conversation with all the other Electors out there, and we’re not going to tell them what to do. We’re simply going to have a conversation about what they think is best, hopefully they will agree with us and come together around a “Hamilton Candidate,” such as a John Kasich or Bloomberg.’

At state houses across the country 538 electors will meet on December 19. It should be interesting to see how many jump ship and swim over to the Hamilton Electors.

Then everyone could turn to Trump and shout “You’re fired!”

Check out this video of the Tucker Carlson interview below:

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H/T: Tucker Carlson Tonight Facebook Page.