Rachel Maddow BURSTS Into Laughter After ‘Fake Trump Spokesman’ Scandal Exposed


The Trump transition team has spent days now trying to clear up the allegations that the transition between administrations is in turmoil, especially since they didn’t even expect their own candidate to win the election. However, they aren’t doing themselves any favors, especially since one guy who has represented himself as a part of the transition team for a week now is NOT EVEN part of the transition team.

Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, was reported to be part of the transition team on U.S. immigration policy. There can’t be mistaking any of what he said, either, as he specifically said:

‘I’m a member of the immigration policy transition team, and there’s going to be a lot to do there, in part because Mr. Trump and Mr. Obama are diametrical opposites when it comes to immigration policy, so there will be a lot of changes.

As cameras have been set on Trump Tower 24/7, he specifically mentioned he did most of the work remotely.

However, Rachel Maddow revealed tonight that despite his claims of being part of the transition team for a week, the Trump transition team said he is NOT on their team. Maddow also pointed out an interesting, if not hilarious, observation on the ACTUAL team’s response.

‘Now, what’s weird about that is they are not announcing they are firing him. What they are doing is they are saying he was never on the transition team in the first place. He’s just been on TV every single day for the past week speaking for the Trump transition team on the issue of immigration.

Maddow also added that the Trump team is just now noticing that some guy is on television representing them and claiming to be part of the team. You could hear Maddow trying not to crack up while talking about this. A process that is running smoothly would definitely see something like this especially since it’s all that the media is currently covering, right? Apparently not, at least not for the next president of the United States.

Jesus Christ help us all.

Kobach has also been telling anyone who would have him on their show the Trump administration would implement an immigration-ban on Muslims and a registry on Muslims. However, Communications Director Jason Miller released a statement stating that President-elect Trump has never supported the idea for a registry to track anyone based on their religion.

Granted, Trump did say on November 19 that he felt several systems including a database was needed to track Muslims, and he’d “certainly implement that.”

Maddow ended the segment with a sentiment we can all agree with by saying “And that is insane. But that’s what every day in the news is like now.”


Featured image via Getty Images/Kevin Hagen