Steve Bannon Compares Trump Administration To Satan In BIZARRE First Interview (DETAILS)


Breitbart’s Steve Bannon gave his first interview with The Hollywood Reporter after being tapped as the incoming president’s new chief strategist, and said things that should make every evangelical Christian who helped get Trump elected feel proud.

When asked about the shroud of darkness around the upcoming Trump administration, Bannon went full weirdo.

‘Darkness is good. Darth Vadar, Dick Cheney, Satan. That’s power.’

There’s no reason to fear, though. Everyone who is afraid of an alt-right chief strategist, an openly Islamaphobic national security adviser, and a Congressman once considered by the U.S. Senate to be too racist to be a federal judge for attorney general has got it all wrong. It is only because they don’t understand that the darkness around Trump’s administration exists, and that only gives the administration more power. Like Satan.

‘It only helps us when they get it wrong. When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing.’

Bannon also took issue with the media’s description of him as a “white nationalist.” While he previously would only admit that the website he built a name for himself running is a “platform for the alt-right,” Steve Bannon rarely says from which political ideology he draws his own beliefs. In the interview on Friday, Bannon defined himself as an “economic nationalist.”

While “economic nationalism” is a generic term for someone who “simply holds that a nation’s economy should be run for the benefit of its own people (citizens),” Bannon’s website seems to define citizenship quite differently than the average person. On Breitbart, the only “citizens” who aren’t constantly under attack are white, European, heterosexual, cis-performing males. Add that idea to the concept of “economic nationalism” and the sum is just “white nationalism,” no matter how much a man who seems to detest Jewish people, feminists, transgender folks, and people of color tries to insist that he isn’t a racist.

If his Satan comparisons weren’t enough to raise your eyebrow, Bannon also promised that his economic plan, which includes “a trillion dollars in infrastructure,” will make the economic climate “as exciting as the 1930s.”

While The Hollywood Reporter shamelessly tried to normalize and even valorize this man as “fiercely intelligent,” he doesn’t even know enough about history to know that no one was “excited” about the economy during the Great Depression, which lasted from 1929-1939. Ironically, that’s also the last time the GOP held both the presidency and control of Congress.

For more on Steve Bannon, see video below:

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