CNN Segment GETS NUTS After Trump Goon Complained About ‘Elites’ Booing Mike Pence (VIDEO)


In what may be the possibly most annoying aspect to the presidential election outcome, Donald Trump’s surrogates who spent the election season weaseling their way into regularly appearing on television have been emboldened to keep at it with the rhetoric and rambling which they subjected American to throughout the months leading up to Election Day.

On that note, Trump talking head Kayleigh McEnany appeared Friday night on Don Lemon’s CNN program to “discuss” the fact that Vice President-elect Mike Pence had, earlier that evening, been roundly booed and eventually even directly addressed from the stage over his anti-LGBT background when he came to see a performance of the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton.”

Her attempt at discussion, however, quickly turned into her simply vomiting up some half-digested form of Trump themed talking points about the evilness of the “elites” who are all out to get Trump, Pence, and those who voted for the two.

Fellow guest on Lemon’s show Angela Rye spoke about the fact that no, the crowd in that theater, hardly excluding the cast, wasn’t just a bunch of “elites,” but that hardly soothed McEnany’s manic outbursts about these elites’ bad behavior in not just going along with pretending like Pence is some sort of overall, longtime respectable political leader.

After all, he, as has been mentioned on numerous occasions, has in the past supported in various capacities “therapy” to “cure” LGBT people of their sexual orientation and turn them straight.

And, in fact, the lead actor for “Hamilton,” the man tasked with playing Alexander Hamilton himself, was, at Pence’s performance, an openly gay, openly HIV positive man- but noting that wasn’t enough to stop McEnany’s rambling about the war between elites and Mike Pence that played out in an unsuspecting Broadway theater Friday evening.

Thus, the Trump surrogate said, “You have the Hollywood elite, the media elite, the political elite, who looked at Donald Trump and his supporters, and saw these supporters as ‘deplorable.’ Everyone who supported Trump is racist, xenophobic, homophobic, all of these different words and labels [Yes, McEnany, those are, in fact, all words.], and they laughed at the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency.”

After this round of blind fire remarks from McEnany, host Don Lemon tried his hand at pointing out to her why what she was saying wasn’t exactly on point, and although Lemon was right, and quite on point himself, it’s not as though he got anywhere with McEnany.

He first asked, simply, “How is that what this is about?” before noting to McEnany that being confronted with a man like the Vice President-elect in that theater is, in fact, something notable and within reason to bring up from the stage.

Thus Lemon said, speaking of the direct address to Pence from the cast while still on stage, “Can you imagine how that feels when Mike Pence, who has rallied and railed against gay people, and tried to shoot down and block gay legislation [comes to your performance]? [The actor was] saying, ‘I’m giving you a chance to give me a chance.’”

Watch the clip from Don Lemon’s show below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.