Corey Lewandowski Relentlessly Booed & Heckled During Speech, Protestors Ejected


Donald Trump’s ex-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski hopped across the pond to give a speech at the Oxford Union in the U.K. Why the University of Oxford — one of the leading universities in the world — would invite this racist, reporter-assaulting disgrace of a human being to address their student debate society remains a mystery. Perhaps they felt the chill, damp fog of another bleak English winter setting in and thought the kids could use a laugh.

And laugh they did. The Telegraph reports Corey Lewandowski’s appearance last week provided Oxford Union students with endless amusement. We don’t know what kind of reception the freshly minted CNN pundit and likely pick for Donald Trump’s staff expected, but he was greeted by a raucous, hostile crowd.

‘Throughout the speech he was met with jeers and booed by the audience in the debating chamber – while one protester was ejected within minutes of the event beginning after he stood up and compared Mr Trump to Hitler.’

After Corey Lewandowski gave his speech he swiftly learned Oxford Union students aren’t just the usual ticked-off, left-leaning college kids. These are ticked-off, left-leaning college kids who just happen to be highly skilled in the art of debate. They not only grilled him within an inch of his life, they turned on Trump’s minion and subjected him to the withering contempt and ridicule he so richly deserves.

And then an Oxford Union student in the audience asked about that wall along the U.S.-Mexican border Mein Trumpf has promised and how he can “stand here and defend a candidate who is not only a bigot but a liar who doesn’t have the courtesy to follow through.” Corey Lewandowski replied:

‘Well, the good news is I’m seated doing that, so I don’t have to stand, so I appreciate that. But here’s what it comes down to: Mexico will pay for the wall, and it’s very simple.’

Alas for him, these Oxford Union students aren’t nearly as credulous as the folks packing stadiums for the alleged billionaire back home. Instead of chanting “build the wall,” the audience burst out laughing. As Donald Trump would say, “that wasn’t nice.”

Here are a few more of the hilarious one-liners Corey Lewandowski tossed out for the Oxford Union students to laugh at.

  •  “What I’m telling you is illegal guns are killing people.” (After denying the correlation between gun violence and owning guns.)
  • “That’s a great question.” (On whether Team Trump’s abuse of women is okay.)
  • “The experts I have talked to inside the federal government — not in academia — have not provided me [with] compelling evidence that this is happening now.” (On Donald Trump’s climate change denial.)
  • “Donald Trump has the ability to feel the same frustration as a blue collar worker — that’s what drove him to run.” (On Donald Trump as the “blue collar billionaire.”)
  • “President-elect Donald Trump is the greatest phenomenon to hit the US in a lifetime, though you may think that is a hyperbole.”

Watch: Oxford Union students make mincemeat out of Corey Lewandowski.

Here’s the video with the Q&A. The question about Mexico paying for Donald Trump’s wall, Corey Lewandowski’s answer, and the Oxford Union students’ laughter starts at the 16:17 mark.

And here’s the video with Corey Lewandowski’s address to the Oxford Union.

Featured image: Video screen grab via the Oxford Union.