DERP: Trump Supporters Protest Starbucks By … Buying More From Starbucks


In an incomprehensible and somewhat amusing movement, supporters of new President-elect Donald Trump are protesting against coffee empire Starbucks for its support of his opponent, Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Hilariously enough, in order to fully participate in this protest, supporters of the amateur politician are required to — you’ll never believe it — buy more products from Starbucks.

That oughta hurt.

On Friday, Twitter user @BakedAlaska, a Trump supporter and alt-right advocate, suggested that other Trump fans tell their Starbucks baristas that they should write “Trump” on their cup as some kind of statement — or something. He also requested that they use the hashtag #TrumpCup to share tweets and videos of the subsequent hijinks.

“Baked” then got on Twitter and issued an “emergency broadcast” video, asking his followers to all go to Starbucks and request a #TrumpCup.

Apparently, these Trump fans are deriving some kind of childish glee out of making Starbucks employees write the name on their cup and shout it out in the store, as is the company’s custom.

The company’s CEO, Howard Schultz, endorsed Hillary Clinton back in September, so it’s curious that Trump supporters are only now finding a reason to speak out against the well-loved coffee chain.

According to Twitter denizen “Baked,” in his video he says:

‘We have a culture war to win. If someone is getting so triggered, they can’t write Trump on a coffee cup at Starbucks and they’re crying liberal tears and they’re calling the cops, that’s insane.’

Perhaps it’s just that impersonating a public figure is generally ill-advised behavior. Perhaps throwing a temper tantrum in a public coffee shop isn’t the best way to make a political point. However, Trumpsters are jumping on the bandwagon and filing into their local Starbucks in order to make some poor barista jump through their hate-fired hoops.

According to Business Insider, the #TrumpCup gag was inspired by a video posted on Twitter on Nov. 7 of a man asking a Starbucks employee to write “Trump” on his coffee cup. Alt-right and conspiracy theorist website Infowars dug the video up on Thursday, after which re-enactment of the video became the new weekend fun activity for white nationalists.

One of the “protesters” complained on Twitter because the barista wrote “Turnip” instead of Trump on their cup. Their response?

‘Told barista to write “Trump”, got this instead. I’m gonna boycott Starbucks & go back every day & try this again til they stop!’

Apparently, this Trump supporter doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “boycott.”

Other, more savvy individuals on Twitter pointed out that the “protest” would only result in more money for Starbucks, sending the CEO the wrong message.

One pragmatist pointed out that too many “Trump Cups” would cause havoc and mixed orders at the store.

And one left-leaning Twitter responder decided to play around with the rules a bit.

Conservatives always seem to turn on Starbucks for something to complain about as winter draws in. It’s an annual event, like the migration of wildebeest or the salmon spawn. Perhaps it’s caused by an overdose of pumpkin spice. More traditionally, however, conservatives prefer to complain that the seasonal Starbucks cups do not adequately reflect one of the many mid-winter holidays celebrated in response to the Winter Solstice.

According to CNN, Starbucks has clarified that they don’t require their employees to write out or shout out names on cups.

‘Over the years, writing customer names on cups and calling out their names has been a fun ritual in our stores. Rarely has it been abused or taken advantage of. We hope and trust that our customers will continue to honor that tradition.’

When it was pointed out by numerous Twitter users that buying more Starbucks for the questionable pleasure of forcing baristas to yell out “Trump” for one’s personal amusement was not the best way to “hurt” Starbucks for their Clinton endorsement, “Baked” backpedaled hard, and issued the following:

Yet to be revealed, however, is exactly how much Starbucks stock “Baked” has in his investment portfolio.

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