Elizabeth Warren Opens Up A Can Of WHOOP ASS On Donald Trump Over University Lawsuit (TWEETS)


In a case unprecedented in U.S. history, the incoming president-elect, Donald Trump, has agreed to settle his upcoming fraud and racketeering lawsuit with a total payout of $25 million according to a Friday article in The New York Times.

Many will say that a settlement is as good as a guilty plea, but Donald Trump claims that the decisions was reached “without an acknowledgment of fault or liability” based on the need to focus on preparing himself to take over the White House.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is having none of it, however. Known for her outspoken manner and harsh criticism of Trump, the Democrat from Massachusetts took to Twitter on Saturday to share her outrage.

‘@realDonaldTrump swindled thousands of students at his sham “Trump University.” That’s not up for debate anymore – that’s a fact.’

‘@realDonaldTrump just paid $25 million for breaking the law & ripping off students.’

‘It is totally unprecedented for a President-elect of the United States to have to settle fraud lawsuits before taking office.’

‘We should all be very worried if a @realDonaldTrump Education Dept will stand up for students being ripped off at shady for-profit colleges.’

The cost and accessibility to higher education was an election cycle hotspot for many voters. American students have already been burdened by exorbitant fees from private, for-profit education without the new U.S. president adding to the problem. According to College Data, moderate costs for private colleges averaged over $47,000, while in-state public colleges averaged at about $24,000.

Private “technical” and “occupational” schools are even worse, with even established programs, such as ITT Tech, being shut down for predatory practices.

Private “occupational” and “career” schools have boomed in the internet age, providing fast-track job training programs without the hassle of on-campus classes or general ed courses. Many of them didn’t deliver on their promises.

Trump “University” was marketed as a real estate school, but was in no way associated with any state-approved schools as a requirement of licensing. The seminar program, which often cost students as much as $30,000, was even issued a cease and desist from the state of New York’s Education Department for framing it as a “university” when it had no actual credentials.

According to The New York Times, three lawsuits reached an agreement to settle with the $25 million payout, with $21 milling to settle two California class-action lawsuits, and $4 million to settle with the lawsuit filed by the New York state attorney general, Eric Schneiderman. Defrauded students are expected to receive at least half of what they paid into Trump “University.”

Contentious as always, President-elect Donald Trump had apparently been looking forward to battling it out. On Saturday, he expressed his disappointment at missing his day in court on Twitter.

‘The ONLY bad thing about winning the Presidency is that I did not have the time to go through a long but winning trial on Trump U. Too bad!’

Featured image via ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images