George Takei TRASHES Trump & Pence Over ‘Hamilton’ Comments & The Internet Is LOVING It (TWEETS)


George Takei has been an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ and immigrant rights, so it should come as no surprise that he’s no fan of Donald Trump. In fact, Takei wrote a beautiful op-ed for The Washington Post and spoke of his own childhood experience in an internment camp to protest Trump’s promises to create a Muslim registry during the presidential campaigns.

After the cast of the hit Broadway play “Hamilton” spoke respectfully to Mike Pence as he attended their play, asking him to consider their fears and protect their rights, Donald Trump went into a Twitter meltdown insisting they “harassed” Trump’s future VP and demanded an apology.

The irony of a man who insulted his way to the presidency asking for a safe place hasn’t been lost on anyone, but George Takei went a step farther in thinking about the more long-term implications of having such a terribly thin-skinned bigot as president.

Indeed, how will Trump withstand the protests that are coming, the opposition to his incendiary policy proposals, and the push back against his appointment of openly bigoted men to his presidential cabinet?

The country is sure to find out exactly how Trump will handle the fury of the majority of voters as they march against him on Jan. 17, resisting the inauguration of a man who thinks bragging about sexual assault is “locker room talk,” that registering Muslim citizens in a government database controlled by the xenophobic people he appoints to powerful positions is a great idea, and that stoking the fear of his racist base by telling them that undocumented immigrants are being “sent” by Mexico because they’re “rapists” and “drug dealers” is an acceptable way for an American presidential candidate to behave.

That protest is coming, and Trump’s reaction to it should be very telling on his first official day as a United States president.

Featured image via Getty/Gabe Ginsberg