Bernie Sanders Gets PISSED OFF At USA Today Reporter, Rips ‘Corporate Media’ (INTERVIEW)


A reporter from USA Today felt the Bern after interviewing Sen. Bernie Sanders, and not in a good way. Following a typically inane question about a future election, Sanders fired back at the reporter and in the process delivered a fair and measured but still decisive denouncement of modern news media.

USA Today reporter Herb Jackson asked Sanders:

‘Sir, looking forward to 2020, could you give us your thoughts about who you think might be the Democratic standard bearer? And do you have any thoughts on Cory Booker?’

Sanders’ reply was polite, given the fact that he was clearly upset, but he denounced the question and the spirit in which it came in no uncertain terms.

‘I am reading the last chapter of my book on corporate media. I think this is incredible. And I have to say this in all due respect. Are we? Already? We haven’t inaugurated this president and we’re talking about 2020 because it’s easy to write about.’

Then, in the fashion typical of one of the only politicians capable of staying truly on-message, Sanders went on to elaborate on the things that he believed news media should really be talking about. All of them were topics that he had regularly spoke about during his campaign.

‘What about talking about climate change and whether the planet survives. What about talking about income and wealth inequality in medical. What about talking about youth unemployment in African American communities up 30, 40 percent. What about talking about immigration reform criminal justice reform. Those are the issues that the American people need to be engaged in.’

He ended his denunciation of the silly question by speaking on the sense of disillusionment that modern news media has cultivated in American citizens.

‘ [ the American people ] would like to hear serious discussion on serious issues. Who is running in 2020, what 2090 is of concern? And I got to tell, people are turning off their TVs. They are tired of, you know, all of that stuff. So in all due respect. We got serious problems in this country. And let’s talk about the serious issues and not worry who’s going to be running in four years when we haven’t even inaugurated the president who just won.’

Let’s hope Sen. Sanders continues to shake things up and provides a voice of sanity in the next four years. Goodness knows our country is probably going to need it.

Watch the full video below, via YouTube.

Featured image is a screen capture from the video.