Donald Trump Has FULL BLOWN 5am Online Freakout Over SNL AND Hamilton (TWEETS)


President-elect Donald Trump, is, in fact, the same person as presidential candidate Donald Trump, no matter how many pundits and so-called analysts would like to suggest otherwise. He didn’t magically become someone else when he accidentally won the presidency.

Thus, this man remains fond of taking to Twitter to vent his frustrations over relevant issues in much the same fashion as any American or otherwise Westernized and internet-connected teenager who might have their internet taken away for periods of time — just like when reports came out in the closing days of the presidential campaign season that Trump’s campaign staff had suspended his access to his Twitter account.

After all, at one point he admonished Americans via his Twitter account to “check out a sex tape” — not exactly a good move for the presidential public image Trump’s campaign staff wished to portray heading into Election Day.

Well, Trump is at it again with his tweeting and this time, early Sunday morning, he put both Saturday Night Live and the Broadway musical Hamilton on blast.

SNL’s most recent show featured Alec Baldwin portraying a frantic Trump, since, after all, actual reports suggest that the controversial businessman was surprised along with the rest of the nation when he won the presidency.

Baldwin’s portrayal of Trump on SNL has already drawn criticism from Trump, who at the time of the the actor’s last appearance on the show tweeted that SNL was “boring and unfunny.”

This time, the man who is now the President-elect tweeted that SNL is a “totally one-sided, biased show” with “nothing funny at all.”

As for Hamilton, the occasion for Trump’s criticism of the production is that Vice President-elect Mike Pence was booed and eventually, after the show was over, directly addressed from the stage by an actor at a Friday night performance of the play over Pence’s anti-LGBT background — and Trump is still fuming.

The President-elect wrote on Twitter Sunday morning that the “cast and producers of Hamilton,” which he hears is “highly overrated,” should “immediately apologize to Mike Pence for their terrible behavior.”

That makes two days of tweets similarly going after Hamilton by the president-elect.

Now, obviously Trump’s tweets haven’t exactly harmed anyone, and at least they aren’t calling for others to do so via inciting hate against minorities as Trump became so fond of doing during the campaign season.

The problem here, though, is simple, and is much the same one that arose after his outrageous tweets heading into Election Day — how can the world trust a man with one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful position in the world, when this same man so flippantly takes to Twitter to virtually flip off anyone who irks him in the slightest?

Featured Image via Drew Angerer/ Getty Images