Fox News Host LOSES HER MIND Over ‘Hamilton’ Cast Speaking Out (VIDEO)


Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro went on a scathing rant regarding the cast of “Hamilton’s” treatment of Vice President-elect Mike Pence. After the play ended, Brandon Victor Dixon told Pence that he was concerned that Donald Trump’s administration would not protect the rights of minorities. It was probably the most respectful protest in the history of American politics, but, judging by Pirro’s reaction, you’d think Dixon had assaulted Pence.

‘What happened in that theater one block from this studio was out-and-out reverse racism and teed-up hate for  a man who has done nothing to deserve this inappropriate and disgusting behavior by those who take it upon themselves to use what was supposed to be a night of art and recreation and appreciation for our American history as a political bully pulpit to chide the incoming vice-president.’

For Pirro to accuse the cast of “Hamilton” of racism is blatantly absurd. If this was racially motivated then Hillary Clinton, a white woman, would have received a similar lecture.

There was certainly nothing hateful about the Dixon’s message. In fact, it was very respectfully delivered. However, if Pirro wants to know why people are so concerned about Pence then perhaps she should examine his history of bigotry regarding the LGBT community or the fact that Trump’s adviser, Steven Bannon, has ties to white nationalists.

From there, Pirro launched into a bizarre rant about hip-hop and the Electoral College:

‘Last night violates everything that you say that you stand for. You’re Hamiltonians, you’re students of American history. Why not hip hop about the electoral college or is that the part of the Constitution that you just want to ignore?’

‘Maybe you want to dance about Hamilton, why not dance about that. And I’ve got news for you. Don’t lecture this man.’

It’s always amusing watching Trump supporters talk about the Electoral Collge given that their chosen candidate called it “disaster for democracy.” Furthermore, their actions did not in any way violate the message of “Hamilton” or American democracy. Dissent and protest are essential components of a free society.

Honestly, we’re not sure why conservatives are so upset about this “Hamilton” thing. It was so respectful as to barely qualify as a protest and even Pence is fine with it.

If you can stomach it, feel free to check out Pirro’s rant here:

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