Trump Tweets Anti-Semitic Language – IMMEDIATELY Deletes It – Screenshot Captured (IMAGE)


Incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York seems to be willing to work with President-elect, and even earned his praise in a now-deleted, and soon replaced tweet from Donald Trump.

Schumer is the first Jewish politician to lead a party in Congress, and has spoken out about anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. On Friday, he told The Huffington Post how his great-grandmother stayed behind when his family emigrated to the U.S.

‘They said to my great-grandmother, “You all have to come with us.” She said, “No, we’re not moving.” They machine-gunned them all down, 17 or 18 of them, kids, old people, every one of them.’

Sahil Kapur, political reporter for Bloomberg, captured a screenshot of a now-deleted tweet sent out by Donald Trump, praising the Democrat, but misspelling his name, and more worrisome, referring to the new party leader as “cunning.”

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The new tweet reads:

According to Gerald Krefetz, author of Jews and Money: The Myths and the Reality, framing Jews as “clever, devious, and manipulative financiers out to dominate” the world’s finances has persisted since the European Enlightenment, when many economic sanctions were lifted allowing Jews to participate more freely in business and banking.

Racism and bigotry have been on the rise in the U.S. since the launching of Donald Trump’s campaign. Complicated by endorsements from the KKK and the American Nazi Party, and the hiring of alt-right platform boss, Steven Bannon, it’s no surprise that he is also attracting a number of anti-Semites. According to Vox writer, Matthew Yglesias:

‘Once you position yourself as the leader of a white nationalist movement, you end up with a lot of anti-Semites in your followership. And Trump, tellingly, has never said or done anything to discourage this kind of behavior.’

Donald Trump is either cluelessly playing to the fantasies of anti-Semites by making dumb mistakes such as using racist code words like “cunning,” requiring the intervention of his better-informed staff. Or he is quite cynically and very intentionally using racist code words, requiring the intervention of his better-informed staff.

On Sen. Schumer’s part, he says that he doesn’t really have any sort of relationship with Donald Trump. Schumer told POLITICO

‘He was not my friend. We never went golfing together, even had a meal together.’

This isn’t the first time Trump has exaggerated a relationship with a political figure. In fact, this isn’t even the first time Trump exaggerated his relationship with Schumer. In January, Trump told Morning Joe hosts:

‘Hey look, I think I’ll be able to get along well with Chuck Schumer. I was always very good with Schumer. I was close to Schumer in many ways.’

Schumer told POLITICO that Trump was someone he occasionally ran into at political fundraisers.

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