BREAKING: Trump Announces Plan To ELIMINATE Overtime Pay For 20,000,000 Americans


President-elect Donald Trump’s most rabid supporters are in for a big surprise that is not going to make them very happy. Since Trump’s election win, Republicans have made clear they are already in cahoots to repeal Obamacare, reform taxes, and do away with several regulations that were issued late in the Obama administration.

POLITICO reported:

‘Weeks before the 115th Congress even begins, House Republicans are laying the groundwork for a major push to repeal President Barack Obama’s most recent regulations, using the Congressional Review Act. The 1996 law allows the House to reverse regulations enacted within the previous 60 legislative days — and the Senate to pass a repeal by simple majority instead of the upper chamber’s typical 60-vote threshold.’

One of those little regulations they plan on repealing is the regulation that guarantees time and a half overtime pay. Overtime pay is oftentimes the savior of individuals who have bills and families to take care of. Knowing they can score overtime, they work their asses off to guarantee the bills get paid while putting groceries on the table. POLITICO reported:

‘House Republicans are currently in the process of making lists of regulations that fall within their time frame and could potentially be repealed early next year. One of the major ones they’re eyeing is Obama’s overtime rule that requires companies to pay time-and-a-half to employees who make under roughly $47,000.’

The regulation was set to take effect on Dec. 1, and it’s on Republicans’ top priority list of repeals. Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-Ala.) commented, “We have heard over the past year that it would have truly dramatically bad effects, not just on employers but on employees across the country.” Byrne also added, “I can give you the names of a ton of private-sector businesses who will either have to eat that cost or pass that cost on to their customers.”

Right, because working over 40 hours a week doesn’t have detrimental mental and physical health affects on people. At least with overtime pay, they’d be compensated and take care of their families. Frankly, most of us would rather pay a little bit extra for our kid’s Happy Meal from McDonald’s if it guarantees the single mom inside who worked over 40 hours would be compensated appropriately.

The real irony behind this, however, is who will be affected by such a repeal. CEO of polling firm Targetsmart, Tom Bonier, pointed out the real kicker behind this on his Twitter. According to exit polls, almost 20,000,000 Trump supporters will lose overtime pay under Republican’s current plan.

USA Today revealed that exit polls performed on Nov. 8 showed 41 percent of Trump’s 61 million votes were cast by people who make less than $50,000 a year. As the rule applies to those individuals who make less than $47,000 annually, a huge chunk of Trump supporters will be affected.

As Trump’s stance on hot-button campaign issues, such as the wall and Obamacare, begins to flip flop, the voters who put Trump in the White House are in for a rude awakening once a Republican-ruled Congress and Senate are done gutting every bit of progress that was made under an Obama administration.

Featured image via Getty Images/Spencer Platt