President Obama Just Lovingly Tweeted At Joe Biden & America Is Smiling Wide (IMAGES)


Between Hillary Clinton’s defeat and having to deal with Donald Trump, it’s undoubtedly been a rough few weeks for President Obama. But even in the worst of times, there are bright spots and one of those is Vice-President Joe Biden’s birthday.

More than just political partners, the friendship between President Obama and his vice-president has been on full display throughout the last eight years. In recent weeks, that friendship has been memorialized on the internet in the form of hilarious Obama/Biden memes. Even before that, it was clear that the two were close friends.

In June of this year, the President appeared in a video listing a number of tasks that were harder than registering to vote and one of them was making a friendship bracelet for Biden. On Obama’s birthday, Biden tweeted a picture of that bracelet along with a heart-warming message to Obama.

Their time in the White House might be nearing an end, but we expect that their friendship is only just beginning. No matter what they decide to do once leaving the White House, we imagine they’ll always have each other. They’re like the Frodo and Sam of presidential politics.

‘Happy 55th, Barack! A brother to me, a best friend forever.’

Now it is President Obama’s turn to return the favor and, as with everything he does, he did it in a classy and sincere manner.

‘Happy birthday, Joe! The best and friend I could have had alongside me these past eight years.’

Featured image via Getty Images.