George Takei Responded To Trump’s NY Times Tantrum & Donald Is NOT Happy (DETAILS)


In case you were wondering if winning the presidency would all of a sudden make Donald Trump more “presidential” in his behavior, his Twitter account is there to stop you right there and remind you that no, President-elect Donald Trump is the same self obsessed egomaniac as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Trump’s latest Twitter tantrum was directed at a longtime nemesis of his — the New York Times, which he has affectionately taken to terming “the failing New York Times” in his tweets.

Early Tuesday morning, Trump tweeted that he had “cancelled today’s meeting with the failing [New York Times] when the terms and conditions of the meeting were changed at the last moment. Not nice.”

The previously planned, Tuesday morning meeting with executives at the NYT was a follow-up to a meeting convened by Trump between himself and key members of the media on Monday morning, with the listed intention of discussing the parameters for press access to Trump’s presidential administration once Trump takes office next January.

The Monday morning meeting, which hosted such media luminaries as ABC’s Martha Raddatz and CNN’s company president Jeff Zucker, wasn’t as innocent as would be implied by the listed intention. Instead, those in attendance faced what one anonymous source described to the New York Post as a “f*cking firing squad,” with Trump going into punitively detailed criticisms of the media companies present.

Perhaps Trump wanted to avoid the negative press coverage that popped up after the substance of his Monday morning media sit down was revealed to the press? Perhaps Trump had the same intentions for his Tuesday morning New York Times meeting; namely, subjecting those sitting down with him to a verbal “f*cking firing squad.”

Either way, longtime liberal icon and “Star Trek” actor George Takei — who describes himself in his Twitter bio as “a believer in, and a fighter for, the equality and dignity of all human beings” — tweeted the perfect response to Donald Trump’s latest New York Times Twitter drag.

Takei wrote, “Trump obsesses over the Gray Lady (a nickname for the New York Times) like a high school athlete over a prom queen. SHE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. Knock it off, it’s just sad.”

Indeed, as for Trump’s “obsession,” Tuesday is hardly the first time that he has taken to specifically calling out the NYT, having kicked such off by ripping into the paper after it published unsavory at best pieces about him during the lead up to Election Day.

Featured Image via Andrew Chin/Getty Images.