JUST IN: ‘Washington Post’ Releases Damning List Of Trump Abuses Of Power (LIST)


One of the main selling points for many of Trump’s supporters was the fact that he was a “successful” businessman with a vast history of real estate investments that made him a household name. However, now that he is the president-elect, Trump still can’t grasp why there is a serious conflict of interest when it comes to his business connections to other countries.

In a Twitter rant on Monday, Trump accused the media of trying to smear him by making a big deal out of something that he thinks is trivial. Just one little problem – it is a big deal, and it’s a very big deal. Our new leader has business ties that could sway his decisions in ways that would protect his businesses before the American people. Trump tweeted this on Monday.

Philip Bump at The Washington Post is keeping a “running list” of ways the president-elect is using his new-found power as ruler of the free world to benefit his financial interests.

According to Bump:

“For the first time in 40 years, Americans elected a president who didn’t provide detailed tax records; for the first time in history, we elected a president whose only experience is rooted in those businesses we don’t really know anything about.”

Bump continued:

“The Post’s Drew Harwell and Anu Narayanswamy took a look at where and how Trump’s business empire might conflict with the business of government. Trump has stated that he will hand over management of the Trump Organization to his children, but it’s not clear how that will prevent conflicts. At the same time, Trump’s decision to skip the traditional traveling press pool as president-elect means that there’s less transparency about whom he’s meeting with and when.”

Kurt Eichenwald explained via Twitter exactly why the “crooked media” is so concerned with his business ventures that the American people still know very little about. According to Eichenwald, this is a very serious matter.

Many others have already warned of the impending “unprecedented corruption” to come from the Trump administration, and it’s safe to say that the president-elect doesn’t even understand the basics of pretty much anything. Regardless of the decisions that he makes during his presidency, the American people will just be happy to get through this one alive.

America has taken a sudden and drastic turn for the worse. Trump supporters are all over the internet making fools of themselves by harassing others and using Trump’s name as an excuse for their new out and proud attitude. No longer is it shameful to be a racist in this country. The election of a reality television star has set us back by at least five decades.