Top Republican Calls Out Trump’s BLATANT Hypocrisy, Party In Shambles (DETAILS)


A leading GOP congressman just shut down President-elect Donald Trump’s latest Twitter tantrum — a behavior for which the controversial businessman turned political leader has long been well known.

Trump wrote on Twitter late Monday evening that “[p]rior to the election it was well known that I have interests in properties all over the world. Only the crooked media makes this a big deal!”

Trump has lately come under intense (media) criticism for continuing to cultivate his business connections since being elected to the presidency.

For example, he took the opportunity of a congratulatory call from the President of Argentina about his startling win over Hillary Clinton to put in a plug for a property he has financial stake in — a property awaiting Argentine governmental permitting to go forward with its development.

And, as the New York Times ran in a headline on Monday, “Indian Business Partners Hope to Exploit Their Ties to Donald Trump.”

Other interests close to Trump have also come under scrutiny for their foreign business ties. Former New York city mayor — and reported top contender for the office of Trump’s Secretary of State — Rudy Giuliani, for example, has deeply interwoven business ties to such adversarial governments as that of Serbia and even the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Well, Michigan’s U.S. Representative Justin Amash had some direct words in response to Trump’s Twitter whining about the media’s criticism of the way he conducts himself, something which the President-elect is fond of doing.

Amash wrote, “You rightly criticized Hillary for Clinton Foundation. If you have contracts [with] foreign governments, it’s certainly a big deal, too.”

Amash was one of the leading Republicans who refused to back Trump ahead of Election Day, and he told local media in October that he did not intend to vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton once Election Day rolled around.

On the occasion of the release of the now infamous 2005 audio tapes which feature the man who is now president-elect effectively bragging about committing sexual assault, Amash joined the small but notable and passionate number of voices from within the Republican Party calling for Trump to drop out of the presidential race.

He wrote at the time on Twitter: “Character matters. [Donald Trump] has been saying outrageous, offensive things the whole time. He should have stepped aside long ago.”

Amash’s personal website calls him the “leading advocate for government restraint” in the United States and notes that he is the only member of Congress both to have never missed a vote and to take the time to explain every vote he casts in the U.S. House to his constituents and the interested general public, a task which he completes on his Facebook page.

Featured Image via Tom Williams/ CQ Roll Call.