Trump EXPLODES Into 4am Twitter War With NY Times, Paper Responds BRILLIANTLY (TWEETS)


The newly-elected Donald Trump was hard at work early this morning on yet another Twitter tantrum for the ages.

Trump had a scheduled meeting with people from The New York Times, but since yesterday’s meeting with the press did not go as he wanted, the new president-elect decided to stick with a program of insisting that anyone who says anything negative about him are just “liars” and “failing.”

To put those tweets in the language of rational folks, The New York Times reports things that Trump doesn’t want the public to hear and refuses to back down on their stories despite Trump’s fit-throwing and threats.

They also won’t lob softball questions at Trump and allow them to use their “failing” publication, still the second-most read newspaper in the country, as a Trump propaganda machine. They ask the tough questions and they write the unflattering truth about Trump and his tactics, which is not acceptable to our new president or his followers, who complain en masse to The New York Times and any other news media outlet who won’t bow to the alt-right agenda.

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and masthead editor for the news publication, Clifford Levy, tweeted a response to readers.

It seems the new president-elect wanted to set the ground rules for the media’s coverage of him and the media wouldn’t bow, so Trump fell back on his tried-and-true tactic of gaslighting his followers on Twitter.

A man with this much to hide from the public is going to have an awfully tough time as president of the United States.

Featured image via Getty/Drew Angerer