WATCH: White Redneck Flips Out On Plane, Screams ‘TRUMP’ While Passengers Sit Stunned (VIDEO)


They are everywhere: around the Thanksgiving table, at work, even on planes. Donald Trump supporters trap those around them and go miles beyond gloating. Weeks after the election, a viral video surfaced on Facebook with a poor winner showing the world how the “ugly American” really looks.

In Emma Baum’s video a young man who looks as if he just stepped out of a white supremacist poster stands in the aisle of an airplane. He is a Trump cheerleader looking for fellow president-elect supporters. Ironically his tee-shirt has a monkey plastered on the front of it.

The unidentified man raised his arms then claps as he tries to get a big group smirk going, but the entire plane remains silent:

‘How many people, man? Donald Trump, Baby.’

Finally another man on the plane gathered up his courage and raised his hand. The rabid Trump supporter points at him and says:

‘That’s right, this man knows what’s up.’

The billionaire’s supporter may have had one drink too many, his words slur, and he continues to clap:

‘We Got some Hillary bitches on here?’

The camera pans the other seated travelers, who have an “Oh, my God” looks on their faces. In spite of the lack of support, the young man continues his rant:

‘Come on, Baby. Trump, that’s what I’m talking about. Hey Baby. Donald Trump!’

Frustrated, the Trumpette yells out:

‘Donald Trump, he’s your president, every Goddamn one of you. If you don’t like it, too bad.’

After Baum put the video on her Facebook, the comments rolled in:

Timothy Helfrich:

‘Don’t be ashamed. This is the America all of you idiot people created. Stand behind your hillbilly racism. You support it whether you like it or not.’

Chuck Decker:

‘If you have any sense, you’re coming to the realization that it was all a scam. You got played. While you were chanting “Lock her up!” he was laughing at you for being so gullible.

‘While you were dreaming about how you’d have an advocate in the Oval Office, he was dreaming about how he could use it to make himself richer. He hasn’t even taken office yet and everything he told you is already being revealed as a lie.’

Suzie Perez:


Luis Battee:

‘I would’ve told him to sit his b*tch ass down straight up.’

Louis LeGrant:

‘F*ck the uneducated Redneck!’

Patrick Hawkins:

‘I betcha if someone had gone on an anti Trump rant his supporters would have demanded they be pulled from the flgiht [sic].’

Scott Kiser:

‘Many of us are taught to de-escalate situations, to remain silent in the face of provocation, regardless how the majority feels. Sometimes you just have to say, “screw that,” especially when it tacitly emboldens strutting cocks like this one.’

Patrick Ray:

‘And racist white people tried to say that President Obama has caused racial division in this country? This video proves the bigotry in this country. But one thing he will learn is that Trump is not going to do half the sh*t he said he was going to do.’

Jacquelyn Joyce Revere:


Kunle Silva:

‘If it where to be a black guy what do you think would happen…..Lord Help.’

Sirgia Sanchez:

‘Yup, White Supremacy! God, these people are scum! America, fix this!

Esther Simmons-Hawthorne:

‘One of the Deplorables.’

Barry Collins:

‘Inbreeding at its finest.’

Linda Matthews:

‘And this is what ignorance at it’s finest what would you expect from a trump supporter, they all seem to have the ignorant trait.’

What would you have done?

Check out this video of the Trump supporter’s rant:

Featured Image: Getty.

H/T: Emma Baum’s Facebook Page.