BREAKING: United States Election Commission Makes HISTORIC Recount Announcement (DETAILS)


In the middle of a storm of controversy over how controversial businessman turned political leader Donald Trump managed to pull off his surprise presidential win over Hillary Clinton, the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein has officially filed for a recount in the state of Wisconsin.

Her filing comes days after a team of prominent election experts claimed that they found discrepancies in the election results from Wisconsin counties which used electronic voting methods versus those that used more traditional voting methods. The experts claimed that the counties using electronic voting methods had a suspiciously uniform lower Clinton vote count.

Thus, the experts suggested that a localized hacking of voting machines in Donald Trump’s favor could have taken place.

Stein has thus filed for a recount, seizing the opportunity to command election related news coverage, while also effectively going back on her pre-election day suggestion that a Donald Trump presidency would be no different than a Hillary Clinton presidency. After all, the only presidential candidate who stands to actually potentially benefit from a recount is Hillary Clinton.

Wisconsin election officials, although noting that they were beginning the recount process, also noted that election results altering errors in the ballots’ tabulation was unlikely since, as Michael Haas, who heads the Wisconsin Election Commission, claimed and was quoted in The Hill as saying, “Wisconsin has the most decentralized election system in the United States.”

Wisconsin is one of three states key to Trump’s shocking victory, a victory secured with a commanding lead in the electoral college and no corresponding lead in the popular vote.

Over two million more people voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump; and yet, with Trump winning the densely populated state of Wisconsin, alongside a win in Pennsylvania and a presumptive win in Michigan, the Republican presidential candidate carried the electoral college.

Should the Stein-prompted recount give Clinton Wisconsin’s electoral votes, a similar course of action would be needed in Pennsylvania and Michigan to give her the presidency. Stein has raised a whopping 5.2 million dollars as of late Friday afternoon toward the goal of having the money to pay the respective states’ recount fees.