Noam Chomsky Issues Angry Holiday Message For ANYONE Who Voted Against Hillary (MESSAGE)


Infamous scholar Noam Chomsky has spoken out numerous times against Donald Trump and his supporters during the 2016 election season, so surely it’s no surprise that he has a few words of wisdom to share following Trump’s presidential win.

As an academic and political activist, Chomsky followed the election closely. Back in August he released an eight-point rationale detailing the importance of voting for Clinton over Trump, urging members of the far left to vote for the “lesser of two evils.”

He explained, writing:

‘Voting should not be viewed as a form of personal self-expression or moral judgement [sic] directed in retaliation towards major party candidates who fail to reflect our values, or of a corrupt system designed to limit choices to those acceptable to corporate elites.’

On Thursday Al Jazeera’s Mehdi Hasan tweeted a video clip of an interview between him and Chomsky, during which the MIT professor condemned leftists who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton to block Trump.

The way Chomsky sees it, there was a “moral issue” this election cycle, one requiring many voters to bite their tongues that vote “against the greater evil,” despite disagreeing with many things Clinton stands for.

As a Sanders supporter, Clinton wasn’t Chomsky’s first choice, either. But as he explained to Hasan, voting for her came down to a moral issue of right and wrong.

‘I didn’t like Clinton at all, but her positions are much better than Trump’s on every issue I can think of.’

According to Chomsky, things are quite simple. He believed blocking Republicans was of such high necessity that leftists should’ve united to rise up against them. Back in January when he was still supporting Bernie Sanders, he told Politico he would “absolutely” support Clinton in the event that Sanders didn’t get the nomination.

‘Every Republican candidate is either a climate change denier or a skeptic who says we can’t do it. What they are saying is, “Let’s destroy the world.” Is that worth voting against? Yeah.”

Sometimes it isn’t about selecting the candidate you like, but rather casting your vote to protect the well-being of you country.

Watch the clip with Al Jazeera below, via Twitter:

‘Noam Chomsky tells me on that leftists who didn’t vote for Clinton to block Trump made a “bad mistake”‘

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