NY Post Uncovers Trump/Secret Service Money Funnel, Americans OUTRAGED (DETAILS)


The Secret Service and NYPD are presently planning to take over two vacant floors at President-elect Donald Trump’s current residence and business, Trump Tower, for the purpose of running a 24/7 command post. According to the New York Post, law enforcement told the paper Thursday that these plans are currently in negotiation with the Trump Organization.

The command post would be located 40 floors below President-elect Donald J. Trump’s penthouse triplex, which is valued at $90 million, where his wife Melania and 10-year-old son Barron currently reside and will remain through the spring until their son finishes his school year.

However, other residents of Trump Tower have became fed up with the many protests that have taken place outside the building since The Donald was elected the next U.S. president, and with the increased security, they are looking to move out and sell their residences. According to the Hollywood Reporter, more than 30 units have been put up for rent or sale at considerably low prices.

In early November, a top real estate broker out of Manhattan told the Post:

‘These are wealthy people. They don’t need this, and they can’t take it any longer. They no longer want to stay there.’

Floors 1 through 26 of the skyscraper are for commercial use, several of which are currently vacant, while the remaining floors are luxury apartments. The Secret Service is currently eyeing two floors for approximately 250 agents and officers.

It is required that the first family be protected by the Secret Service wherever they go. For example, Whenever President Obama or Vice President Biden go on vacation, it is mandatory that the Secret Service pay to rent private homes or hotel rooms nearby to ensure the family’s safety.

In this case, taxpayers would pay the president-elect’s company to lease out the two floors, which would cost more than $3 million a year. This doesn’t include the amount needed for staffing and agents or for the usual barriers and equipment required.

The building is likely to draw future protests against the orange man since it is located right in the middle of New York, where a majority of the city voted for Hillary Clinton.

Check out the video below, courtesy of YouTube:

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