Standing Rock ‘Water Protectors’ Have An Amazon Wish List: Let’s Buy Them EVERYTHING (LIST)


As the horrifying photos and stories pour in on social media from Standing Rock water protectors of the brutality inflicted on indigenous people in Cannonball, North Dakota over the Dakota Access Pipeline and it’s threats to clean water and the environment, many Americans who cannot physically be present to join in solidarity with the water protectors feel helpless to contribute.

Black Lives Matter activist and journalist for The NY Daily News, Shaun King, shared one way to stand with the protectors on Thanksgiving Day.

Those fighting for justice at the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota created an Amazon wishlist of needed items for the protectors including food, tarps for warmth, cameras for showing the public what is really happening as a result of standing up for their rights, and body armor for protection.

On the Amazon account, a plea is written:

‘#NODAPL. Mni wiconi. Water Is Life. We are water protectors that stand with the Tribal Nations and supporters of all backgrounds that seek to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from being built on and through indigenous land. Standing Rock is not a protest. It is the protection of water and life. Through, prayer, peaceful demonstration, and community, we will stop the black snake from bieng built and contaminating Mother Earth. It is our responsibility and duty to protect Mother Earth.

‘This list consist of the needs of members of the Standing Rock community who have been there for months and who plan to be there until DAPL is defeated. Many of the items are unique, but severely needed. Water Protectors have faced extreme force and violence from the local and state law enforcement agencies. Water Protectors will always act in peace, but we must also ensure our Water Protectors are safe from injury. With Gratitude and Prayer.’

Some of the items, such as gas masks and wool blankets, have been nearly fulfilled in their requested quantity. Others, like food and “heat therapy packs” to prevent hypothermia, are still very much needed.

To donate, please visit the Standing Rock Amazon account page and select needed items for purchase to be shipped to the water protectors fighting for their rights against a militarized police force willing to injure, freeze, and even attempt to kill those who stand up to them.

Featured image via Getty/Boston Globe